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Molnár (or Molnar) is a Hungarian surname meaning "miller". The word is a loanword from Slavic "mlynar" with the same meaning.

People with the name include:

  • Albert Szenczi Molnár
  • Antal Molnár (born 1890), Hungarian musicologist; :hu:Molnár Antal
  • Balázs Molnár (born 1977), Hungarian footballer
  • Charles Molnar (1935–1996), American electrical engineer and computer developer
  • Charley Molnar (born 1961), American football coach
  • C. Pál Molnár/ Pál C. Molnár (born 1894); :hu:Molnár C. Pál
  • Csilla Molnár (born 1969, Kaposvár)
  • Endre Molnár (born 1945), Hungarian water polo player
  • Erika Molnar (born 1976), Hungarian athlete
  • Ferenc Molnár (born Ferenc Neumann 1878-1952), Jewish Hungarian writer
  • Ferenc Molnár (footballer) (born 1891)
  • George Molnar, Australian cartoonist
  • George Molnar (philosopher), Australian
  • Gergely Molnár (born 1950), a Hungarian; :hu:Molnár Gergely
  • Géza Molnár (born 1923), Hungarian writer; :hu:Molnár Géza
  • György Molnár (born 1901), Hungarian footballer
  • Imre Lakatos (known as Imre Molnár for a time), philosopher
  • Ingo Molnár, Hungarian Linux kernel hacker
  • István Molnár (born 1913, Galánta), water polo player and Olympian
  • István Molnár (chemist) (born 1950), chemist and translator :hu:Molnár István (műfordító)
  • József Molnár (1821-1899), Hungarian painter
  • József Molnár (1918–2009), Hungarian writer
  • Louis Molnar (born 1973), Hungarian-Canadian/American businessman, politician, author
  • Miklos Molnar (born 1970), Danish football (soccer) player
  • Mónika Molnar ( :hu:Mónika Molnár)
  • Mária Molnár, Hungarian art critic
  • Pavol Molnár (born 1936), Slovak football player
  • Péter Molnár (disambiguation)
  • Ralph E. Molnar, Australian paleontologist and museum curator
  • Steve Molnar, player of Canadian football*
  • Tamás Molnár (born 1975), Hungarian water polo player
  • Thomas Molnar (1921-2010), Catholic philosopher, historian and political theorist
  • Tibor Molnár (1921-1982), Hungarian film actor
  • Vera Molnar (born 1924), artist of Hungarian origin
  • Zoltán Molnár (born 1971), Hungarian footballer

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