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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Donar \Donar\ n. the Teutonic god of thunder; counterpart of Norse Thor.

Donar (basketball club)

Donar is a professional basketball club based in Groningen, Netherlands. The club competes in the Dutch Basketball League (DBL) and its home arena is MartiniPlaza, which has a seating capacity of 4,310 people. For sponsorship reasons the club was known as "GasTerra Flames" till 2014.

Donar is one of the traditional first division clubs along with Den Bosch, as it entered the league years ago. The club did win the national championship five times; in 1982, 2004, 2010, 2014 and 2016. Donar was runner-up in the seasons: 1998, 2006, 2011, 2015. There are also four NBB Cups – the domestic cup competition – in the honor list of Donar; they won the cup in 2005, 2011, 2014 and 2015.

Donar has the most fans in the Netherlands, the club has somewhere around 1300 season ticket holders and sells the MartiniPlaza out on a regular basis in the Playoffs.

Usage examples of "donar".

A sickening lurch of apprehension rose in Mattio, for he suddenly understood what Donar was about to do.

He looked at the stranger, watched him absorb what Donar had said, and he began gauging his chances of killing the man if it should come to that.

But something had responded deep within him to the words Donar had spoken.

He wanted to reassure her, her and Donar, that it was all right, but he seemed, unbelievably, to be weeping, for the first time in almost twenty years.

Elena understood why that was so, Donar had told her years ago: blood meant life, and their foes tonight were the enemies, the opposite, of any kind of life.

There always were, swirling in a grey mass like slugs, pouring down out of the hills and swarming into the stream where Donar and Mattio and Baerd had come to make their stand.

She saw Donar along the bank to the south swinging his sword two-handed in wheeling circles of denial.

And even as she was nodding from within the abyss of her weariness, trying to let Donar see her understanding, her support, wanting to ease the rawness of his pain, even as the Others drew near again, triumphant, hideous, unwearied, she abruptly realized that Baerd wasn't with them on the bank.

He had said it might mean death to be among the ruined lands after moonset, but Donar had told her it would be all right now.

He had spoken to Donar and Mattio and to Carenna and Elena and said that what the Night Walkers shared had to be a kind of magic, if not the same as wizardry.

It belonged to Nathan Donar III, eldest son to Governor Donar II, and a real pain in the posterior.

Kyle, who could have subsisted for a week on the food Governor Donar consumed during that single meal, settled for a green salad, a freshly baked scone, a serving of runyip stew, and then, because he couldn't resist, a bowl of candied insects.

Kyle had just consumed the last of the sweet-and-sour morsels when Governor Donar turned his way.

Nathan and his father departed for the Corellia room immediately after lunch, while Madame Donar, who had developed a headache, retired to the family's suite.

The Governor had lost far too many credits to Lando Calrissian, and Madame Donar was angry.