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The continuous movement of the tenar was a habit the smarter God Kings learned.

It showed in the outfitting of his tenar and the weapons of the cosslain that surrounded him.

The God King swept his tenar back and forth as they went down the road towards the distant thunder of artillery.

Beside the Gatling ports, there were regular heavy weapons, designed for engaging tenar, and rifle ports for the soldiers, whose main job was feeding the guns, to get in the occasional shot if they so desired.

The explosion tore apart the lightly armored tenar, sending all forty of them into instantaneous oblivion as it washed out over them and the embattled corps.

Guanamarioch on his hovering tenar led them as they marched four abreast and one hundred deep towards the waiting ship.

Obediently, riding his tenar, the God King led his normals to the designated ship.

The God King removed his Artificial Sentience from the tenar, hanging it around his neck, as the cosslain took the flying sled away.

By the time the landers and tenar had slowed and reoriented their weapons arrays onto the head it had risen up until halfway out of the water.

In such a dense cloud of whistling death, it was the rare Posleen who found neither himself nor his tenar penetrated and wrecked.

Checking his instruments first to confirm, he took over control of his tenar from the autopilot to which he had delegated it.

Kessentai slumped to the floor of its tenar, whimpering like a nestling plucked from the breeding pens for a light snack.

Pilotless, the tenar followed its default programming and settled gently to the ground, its bulk causing the frozen grass and soil to crunch below it.

God Kings, along with all their most elite normals, to the ground, killing most of them and rendering all the tenar out of commission.

This sort of difference has been noted before in the saucers, called tenar by the Posleen, and in weapons design up to the design of the landers.