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n. A brothel.

Lupanar (Pompeii)

The Lupanar of Pompeii is the most famous brothel in the ruined Roman city of Pompeii. It is of particular interest for the erotic paintings on its walls. Lupanar is Latin for "brothel". The Pompeii lupanar is also known as Lupanare Grande.

Usage examples of "lupanar".

And every building in the city that is not a place of buying, selling, trading or warehousing of goods seems to be a hospitium or a deversorium for lodging those visitors, or a therma for bathing and refreshing them, or a taberna or caupona for feeding them, or a lupanar for their sexual diversion.

I'd assumed that all lupanars were the same, but yards away from this one, I knew I was wrong.