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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lacunal \La*cu"nal\ (l[.a]*k[=u]"nal), Lacunar \La*cu"nar\ (l[.a]*k[=u]"n[~e]r), a. Pertaining to, or having, lacun[ae]; as, a lacunar circulation.


Lacunar \La*cu"nar\, n.; pl. E. Lacunars (l[.a]*k[=u]"n[~e]rz), L. Lacunaria (l[a^]k`[-u]*n[=a]"r[i^]*[.a]). [L.] (Arch.)

  1. The ceiling or under surface of any part, especially when it consists of compartments, sunk or hollowed without spaces or bands between the panels.

  2. One of the sunken panels in such a ceiling.


a. (context medicine English) Of or pertaining to a lacuna n. (context architecture English) A coffer; a ceiling constructed of coffers

Usage examples of "lacunar".

It was all very well to talk of lacunar amnesia, but there was an undercurrent of horror that he could not shake.