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__NOTOC__ The Thule-Seminar is an extreme-right nationalist organization with strong Neopaganist roots based in Kassel, Germany. It was founded in 1980 by Pierre Krebs, essentially as the German branch of GRECE. Sometimes described as a think tank or "party of the mind", its name alludes to the Thule Society, in an ominous analogy with the organization that facilitated the rise of the Nazis and provided some of the intellectual cadre for the latter.

It describes itself as a "research society for Indo-European culture". On its homepage, it deplores the formation of a "multiracial, i.e. monoprimitive" society in the "ethnosuicidal" cultures of Europe and declares its aim to be the formation of "metapolitical" ("metapo") cells across Europe. As emblems, it uses the Black Sun, as well as the combined Tiwaz rune (which is incorrect since "Thule" has a "th"-sound is should be spelled with a " Thurisaz rune") and Sig rune.

Its ideology has been described as based on the Conservative revolution and including elements of anti-Americanism, anti-Zionism and being close to apartheid.

The first major publication of the Seminar was "Das unvergängliche Erbe. Alternativen zum Prinzip der Gleichheit" (roughly: The everlasting heritage. Alternatives to the principle of equality), edited by Krebs and published in 1981 by Grabert Verlag; notably, the preface of this volume was written by Hans Jürgen Eysenck. It turned out to be the "programmatic" book of the Seminar. The Thule-Seminar publishes a journal called Elemente and another one called Metapo.