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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Interlunar \In`ter*lu"nar\, Interlunary \In`ter*lu"na*ry\, a. Belonging or pertaining to the time when the moon, at or near its conjunction with the sun, is invisible.


a. Of the four-day period between an old moon and a new moon, when it is not visible


Interlunar is a 1984 poetry collection by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. One of her lesser documented works, the collection is divided into two sections. The first, Snake Woman, explores one of her favorite motifs, the snake. The second section, Interlunar, deals with themes of darkness.It features a poem The Robber Bridegroom, that she later used as a title for a novel. Interlunar features several more myths related from a female point of view, including Orpheus, Eurydice, and Letter from Persephone.

Usage examples of "interlunar".

Gazes not on the interlunar sea: He taught to rule, as life directs the limbs, The tempest-winged chariots of the Ocean, And the Celt knew the Indian.