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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hypothenal \Hy*poth"e*nal\, Hypothenar \Hy*poth"e*nar\, a. [Pref. hypo- + thenar.] (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the prominent part of the palm of the hand above the base of the little finger, or a corresponding part in the forefoot of an animal; as, the hypothenar eminence.


Hypothenar \Hy*poth"e*nar\, n. (Anat.) The hypothenar eminence.


a. 1 (context anatomy English) Of the ulnar fleshy side of the palm. 2 (context anatomy English) Of the muscles of the little finger. n. 1 (context technical English) Ulnar fleshy side of the palm, formed by the underlying three muscles of the pinkie. 2 Each of those muscles, namely ''abductor, flexor'' and ''opponens digiti minimi''.

Usage examples of "hypothenar".

Mom was never interested solely in the heart line, head line, and lifelines, but equally in the anatomical snuffbox, the interdigital pads, the heel of the hand, the thenar eminence, and the hypothenar.