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Skytturnar (soundtrack)

Skytturnar is the soundtrack to the Icelandic film directed by Friðrik Þór Friðriksson in 1987. This 12" EP was released through the Gramm-label and was produced by Kjartan Kjartansson and the renowned Tómas Magnús Tómasson.
The soundtrack includes several well known Icelandic artists such as Bubbi & MX-21, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and Sykurmolarnir (later known as The Sugarcubes) with the collaboration of Þór Eldon Jónsson (who would later join the band).
The soundtrack EP includes four of the songs used in Skytturnar, there were 14 different pieces of music used in the movie, mostly as coincidental music. The EP has never been reissued and is currently widely unavailable.