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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Laminar \Lam"i*nar\, Laminal \Lam"i*nal\, a. [Cf. F. laminaire. See Lamina] In, or consisting of, thin plates or layers; having the form of a thin plate or lamina.


a. 1 of fluid motion, smooth and regular, flowing as though in different layers 2 In, or consisting of, thin plates or layers. 3 # (context electronics English) In the form of thin flat electronic circuits, usually flexible.


adj. arranged in or consisting of laminae [syn: laminal]


Laminar means "flat". Laminar may refer to

  • Laminar electronics or organic electronics, a branch of material sciences dealing with electrically-conductive polymers and small molecules
  • Laminar armour or "banded mail", armour made from horizontal overlapping rows or bands of solid armour plates
  • Laminar flame speed, a property of a combustible mixture
  • Laminar flow, a fluid flowing in parallel layers with no disruption between the layers
  • Laminar organization, the way certain tissues are arranged in layers
  • Laminar Research, a Columbia, South Carolina, software company
  • Icaro Laminar, an Italian hang glider design
  • Pazmany Laminar, a personal light aircraft designed by Ladislao Pazmany
  • A common Leaf shape

Usage examples of "laminar".

And with very little time spent on the ground amid contaminants like dust and insects, the Skyports had finally been able to take advantage of the well-known theories of laminar flow control, enabling the huge craft to fly with less than half the drag of planes with a fraction of their capacity.

This strange quality produces what hydrodynamic experts refer to as laminar flow, an effect which almost eliminates the normal turbulence produced by an object moving rapidly through water.

Although I am by no means certain the scientists fully understand what laminar flow is all about, they have certainly recognized its effectiveness.

Most of it involves adjusting profile, mass, and laminar flow parameters and then testing for lift and drag and so on.

Grant saw the magnetic field stabilize, the plasma's swirling smoothed to a clean laminar flow.

The examiners' work area was an open, bright room of black counterspace and computers, water baths, containment units and laminar flow hoods.

He tried to imagine smoothing the airflow around the lifting body, easing the turbulence, soothing the laminar flow, and it almost seemed as though he were outside the ship, in a neuronet, a different neuronet, almost like smoothing the Winterlance's fusactor power flows.

He could feel the cooling touch of the lubrication he secreted, allowing a laminar flow of water past his scales.

Composed of some kind of pseudofluid material, he guessed, using a variant of laminar flow to create variable speeds along its l ength.

Composed of some kind of pseudofluid material, he guessed, using a variant of laminar flow to create variable speeds along its length.

At first, it goes straight up (this is called a laminar flow, if you need to impress anyone), and then it spreads out in a diffused, wavy layer.

The current just beneath their shelter was fast but smooth, a laminar flow that moved straight down the polished walls of the narrow canyon.

The smooth laminar flow of it as you speared along faster than anyone ever could have gone before!