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Channar (surname)

Channar or Channan was a surname used in Kerala till early 20th century. And also used by members of the Ezhava community in Kerala and concentrated around Kollam and Allappuzha Districts. Tharisapalli plates issued by the king Ayyanadikal Thiruvadikal of Ay kingdom at 849 AD promised Mar Sapir Iso the Persian recipient of the plate that Channa Thalai the officers of the Ay kingdom and Chera Dynasty will not harass the immigrant Persian Christians. They were also known as Kollakkar. In Malayalam, channar means Headman, showing their transcendency in the society. Channar was the headman of the village and since they followed Matrilinear system of inheritance, the office were hereditary from uncle to nephews. The name Olivan Channar (Ezhavan Channar) is found among those trading with the British (Letters to Fort St. George, Vol. XII, No. 89 dated 26 August 1719). This headmen, channar or channan,were also responsible for conducting marriages and presides at all important ceremonies, for which he receives a gift of tobacco.

Channar (Sindhi tribe)

Channar is a Sindhi tribe in Sindh, Pakistan.


Channar may refer to:

  • Channar (surname), a surname formerly common in India
  • Channar mine, an iron ore mine in Australia
  • Channar (tribe), a Sindhi tribe in Pakistan