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The Amânar or Shewfelt is an artistic gymnastics vault. The vault was named after the first gymnast to perform it at a World Championships or Olympic Games; Simona Amanar at the 2000 Olympics for women, and Kyle Shewfelt at the 2000 Olympics for men. The vault belongs to the Yurchenko family, and contains two and a half twists in the backward salto.

The vault remains one of the hardest vaults performed by women. Since 2010, and the end of the traditional 10.0 scoring system in 2005, the vault had a 6.5 difficulty score, 0.7 higher than the much more common double-twisting Yurchenko. In the 2013 Code Of Points, this vault is downgraded from a difficulty score of 6.5 to 6.3.