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a. 1 situated between the Earth and the Moon 2 situated below the orbit of the Moon, or equivalent distance from the Earth


adj. situated between the earth and the moon [syn: sublunar, sublunary]

Usage examples of "cislunar".

At long last the righteous could re-educate or exterminate everyone in that cislunar Pandemonium, down to the last man-hating, ball-cutting witch!

Mei-Ling noticed that in his right hand he bore a stick to which was attached an inflated spherical bladder or balloon, decorated to resemble the Earth as viewed from cislunar space.

Since their new destination was a point in cislunar space out among the haborbs, both women secretly hoped this might make their escape or rescue from these madmen all the easier.

Spacetrans is a Cislunar company, but the board still has an Earth majority.

Piloting redundancy is a Cislunar Republic requirement, which can be met by the AI.

Stahn hurtling through cislunar vacuum, Stahn wrapped inside the fifteen kilograms of imipolex that had once been Wendy and which now was Quuz.

The reason was that the sidereals were supposed to have penetrated to the core along spirals, the cislunar missiles pushing the crumbling globe toward the Sun and the translunar toward the planet.

Earth was over the horizon, and there were no other ships in cislunar space.

Worse, the spaceship could turn into gossamer and cobwebs at any moment, stranding him in cislunar space with nothing but a pressure suit, slowly suffocating as his air supply ran out.

Skyfac station, a high-orbit facility that produces foamsteel and vapor deposition materials for use in the cislunar community.

The adjacency is warping the neighborhood as well as the cislunar space-time continuum.

But all of a sudden an intense solar flare erupted and raised radiation levels in cislunar space so high that all flights between the Earth and the Moon had to be canceled.

The lunar colonies boasted a population of over 7 million, with a couple of million more living on orbitals scattered across cislunar space, yet Mars was still a frontier of only a few hundred thousand residents, and even fewer lived on the Jovian moons.

At one end of the field the tall white cutter was being serviced by a rolling gantry, while the fat cislunar tug which was allegedly being hijacked was sitting all by itself at the opposite corner of the field, illuminated by floodlights.

Lunar Associates set out to explore near-Earth asteroids in search of raw material which could be sold to the multinational companies that had formed a consortium to build an orbital colony in a Lagrange point in cislunar space.