How to Search for Rhymes

You just need to enter the word you are looking for a rhyme in the field. In order to find a more original version you can resort to fuzzy search. Practically in no time you will be provided with a list of rhyming words according to your request. They will be presented in blocks depending on the number of letters.

Rhymes for word disease

-ase abase abrase accrase accrease acetylcholinesterase airbase aldolase alloclase amylase amyloglucosidase anaphase anatase anorthoclase apease apozymase appase appease applease appurchase arase arginase aromatase ascease ase balase base bease bechase begrease blase bombase book-case bookcase bow-case brase briefcase bullase cap-case carboxylase carcase case catalase catchphrase cease cellulase chase chease chlonaphthase cholinesterase chrysoprase coagulase coase cocarboxylase colcase collemase colmase com-case complease concrease corrase counterbase counterpase counterpease cozymase crase crease curase curtase cyclase cytase dase database dease debase decarboxylase decease decrease defase defease degrease dehydrase dehydratase dehydrogenase desease diabase diaclase diapase diaphorase diastase dikaryophase dioptase dipeptidase disbase discase discease dischase discrase disencrease disincrease dismutase displease disprease dissease door-case dressing-case dyscrase dyscrease dysease dyssease ease elastase elbow-grease embase embrase emphase encase enchase encrease engrease enrase erase esterase euclase ewelease excrease extravase fase fiddle-case forchase fore-chase frank-chase frase freebase galactase galease gase gelatinase glase glease gloase glucase glucosidase glutamin-ase glyoxalase gnathobase go-as-you-please goose-grease grase grease gtp-ase guanase gymnase gynobase hagase hase hat-case headcase heart's-ease heartsease hease heu-gase hexokinase hoase holophrase hyaluronidase hydrase hydratase hydrogenase hydrolase hydroxylase hypostase idocrase ill-ease imbase imboase imbrase immortase impapase imprease incase inchase increase inlease interphase interprease inulase invertase isobase isomerase karcase katalase kinase l-asparaginase laccase lactamase lactase laminaranase laminarinase lase lease lecithinase lend-lease ligase lipase little-ease loxoclase luciferase lunabase lyase magnase malease maltase manase mase maturase mease mesease mesophase metaphrase microclase minase miscase misease misfease mismase misplease monophase mortase multiphase mutase nase nease needle-case neuraminidase nitrogenase nuclease nut-case nutcase oase occase off-base oligoclase orthoclase out-chase outcrease overglase oxidase oxidoreductase oxydase oxydoreductase oxygenase panabase paraphrase parcase pase pease pectase pectinase pectinesterase pectinmethylesterase pen-case pencil-case pendase penicillinase peptidase percase periclase periphrase permease peroxidase perrafrase persuase phase phenolase phosphatase phospholipase phosphorylase phrase phytase picase pillow-case pillowcase pin-case plagioclase plase please polybase polycrase polymerase polyphase popping-crease postbase prase prease predecease primase proase prolidase prometaphase pronase prophase protease proteinase pupa-case purchase put-case pyocyanase pyrophosphatase quase quease raase rase re-case re-lease re-release reappease rease rebase rechase recombinase recrease rednase reductase reincrease release repease rephase rephrase replicase repurchase resolvase rhomboclase ribonuclease roase saccharase sakelease sarabrase sase scase sclerobase scleroclase scoase scotophase sease shargrase showcase sialidase skleroclase slipcase smear-case sowthelase sowtlase spore-case staircase steeplechase stern-chase strase strease streptodornase streptokinase strip-tease striptease sub-base sub-lease succease sucrase suitcase sulphatase surbase surcease surcrease symphrase synaptase synthase synthetase tamberbase tannase tase tease telomerase telophase thrombase to-rase toase transacetylase transaminase transcriptase transferase transhydrogenase transketolase translocase transposase transvase trase trehalase triphase tweezer-case twey-case twitzer-case tyrosinase ukase unbase uncase underlease unease ungrease unheart's-ease urease uricase urokinase vanchase vase vaunt-chase vease vertdegrease visevase vyseuase wanease wase watch-case whase whease wheelbase wrase wyndlase x-disease zymase