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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a vague unease/dread
▪ I felt a vague unease.
▪ Again the drone of the plane seemed to echo a deeper unease, which again came to the surface of her mind.
▪ Jessamy's temper gradually faded away and in its place came a deep feeling of unease.
▪ Opinion polls have revealed a deep unease about Maastricht throughout the country.
▪ And now I feel unease again.
▪ She never lost her feeling of unease.
▪ Yet she could not, once that first convulsion was past, feel any unease.
▪ He felt a twinge of unease even now at the memory.
▪ Even at that early age, Celia sensed a strange unease, a tension amongst the grown-ups.
▪ But he sensed an unease beneath the directness.
▪ Clearly, pupils will sense a teacher's unease in presenting poetry to them, and are then likely to respond negatively.
▪ There is a growing sense of unease in the financial world about the industry's future.
▪ A fire truck or an ambulance whoops somewhere beyond the window, adding cruelly to my unease.
▪ A frown touched her brow to recall the feeling of unease that had gripped her during that brief conversation.
▪ He felt a curious mixture of elation and unease.
▪ He felt a twinge of unease even now at the memory.
▪ Hess, however, took it with equanimity, and laughed at Edward's own unease.
▪ The planning at Brighton revealed some of the unease in relations with the local authority.
▪ Those inequities have fed the public unease, and they appear to have yielded at least cosmetic results.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Unease \Un*ease"\, n. Want of ease; uneasiness. [Obs.]


n. A feeling of disquiet or concern.

  1. n. physical discomfort (as mild sickness or depression) [syn: malaise, uneasiness]

  2. the trait of seeming ill at ease [syn: disquiet, uneasiness]

Usage examples of "unease".

He heard the Dominee sigh internally, since he was aware of this display of unease.

The sight of Master Farfalla running at full speed toward him from the far side of the field did little to soothe his unease.

By afternoon, when Reggie went to lodge an official protest with Colonel Fikes, unease had rooted deep in his belly.

Alora, Isen, and Jimi, with conspicuous unease, as if expecting a riot should the verdict go against Edouina.

And those spines, silvery in sheen, suggested ghoulish animation, the existence of which Kaw could sense as a nameless and menacing unease.

It was a beautiful day, the day that Brat Farrar came to Latchetts, but a restless little wind kept turning the leaves over so that in spite of the sunlight and the bright air the world was filled with a vague unease and a promise of storm.

I slept a little and woke to feelings of unease, something like foreboding, remembering, as I still lay reclined on my couch, the marks of division so evident at the majlis that morning, the antagonisms that stirred among us.

Hello, Onan, it is pleasure to meet you, I said, advancing with a proffered hand extended towards him, which I realized belatedly made me appear oafish, but he took it good naturedly, and with his pleasantness eliminated my unease at shaking the hand of one half my size.

Set on edge by such casual firsthand reference to Fellowship resources and magecraft, he bristled, his unease lent preternatural spin by the spell-charged effects of the wine.

She flipped pages, rereading marginalia on Jennifer Gould with a burgeoning sense of unease.

Celia had suffered some unease on first learning that it was intended for pregnant women, to be taken early in their pregnancy when nausea and morning sickness were most prevalent onditions which Montayne would banish.

The corns and bugs and other small items Ross sold them help these to gradually gain a measure of control over the explosion and when things settle down, to establish rather precariously something like a participatory democracy where every individual had some say in what the government does, something the other Gurn-sets watch with unease and in one case outright hostility.

At first glance there was nothing unusual about Vernon Quayle, nothing to cause unease.

The Regrade left its deposits in her hair, a filmy unease in her mind.

The rest of the courtroom audience seemed to share her unease, for Judge Shaheen had to call them to order several times before they settled into silence.