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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Encrease \En*crease"\, v. t. & i. See Increase. [Obs.]


n. (obsolete spelling of increase English) vb. (obsolete spelling of increase English)

Usage examples of "encrease".

They preserve the purest and tenderest affection for each other, an affection daily encreased and confirmed by mutual endearments and mutual esteem.

And thus she passed forth a great while, and as it happeneth, the novelty of the things by continuall custome did encrease her pleasure, but especially the sound of the instruments was a comfort to her being alone.

Moreover she caused, that the wife of a certain lover that she had should never be delivered of her childe, but according to the computation of all men, it is eight yeares past since the poore woman first began to swell, and now shee is encreased so big, that shee seemeth as though she would bring forth some great Elephant : which when it was knowne abroad, and published throughout all the towne, they tooke indignation against her, and ordayned that the next day shee should most cruelly be stoned to death.

Then my sorrow encreased or rather doubled, in that I could not end my life with whole and unperished members.

But behold my good mother, now my unhappy fortune is renewed and encreased : For I dreamed in my sleepe, that I was pulled out of our house, out of our chamber, and out of my bed, and that I removed about in solitary and unknowne places, calling upon the name of my unfortunate husband, and how that he, as soone as he perceived that he was taken away, even smelling with perfumes and crowned with garlands, did trace me by the steppes, desiring the aid of the people to assist him, in that his wife was violently stollen away.

So daily more and more encreased this opinion, and now is her flying fame dispersed into the next Island, and well nigh unto every part and province of the whole world.

Cupid couched fairly, at whose sight the very lampe encreased his light for joy, and the razor turned his edge.

Sophia had in this fright so encreased, that he might now, without any great impropriety, be said to be actually in love with her.

Also ye shall not use this forsayd crafti disport for no covetousness to the encreasing and sparing of your money only, but principally for your solace, and to cause the helth of your body and specyally of your soule.

Even allowing this fantastical reflection, who would not chuse to encrease the present pain for a moment, under the assurance of putting an end to it, as we scarify a wound in order to heal it?

But these Affairs, that are above our Sphere, will be the Care of some other Hand, whose daily Vigilance and Labour encreases by this idle, and yet ungovern'd Petulancy of ours.

The time likewise at which the continent was discovered, adds weight to the argument, and the manner in which it was peopled encreases the force of it.