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Plasë is a large village in Korçë County, Albania. It was part of the former municipality Pojan. At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Maliq. It is located in the centre of the county, slightly to the east. Plasa is about 8 kilometers northeast from the city of Korçë.

It has a population of about 1000, and about 300 houses; however new houses are being built, especially two floor houses, which are rarely seen in villages. It has beautiful mountains and an Orthodox church on top of the mountains. It is also close to the Albanian-Greek border. It has many pubs especially downtown and many tourists visit this village. Also it has two beautiful creeks that bring fresh water from the top of the mountains. Plase is one of the most agricultural villages in the Korca Terrain. Most of the aromanians who settled in 1910-1930 around Bucharest are from Plase.

Usage examples of "plase".

We will keep th child in ouer same plase until we have the money in hand, but if the deal is note closed until the 8 of April we will ask for 30000 more.

I thank you very mutch for such a happy time and the white farm is the most butifull plase in the whole whirld.