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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A showcase new library is planned.
▪ Although the Soviets planned the mission as a showcase of their scientific superiority, it was widely dismissed as propaganda.
▪ Commonplace today, institutionalized, regular showcases like that were a new concept in the early 1960s.
▪ He treated the benefit performance as a showcase for his work.
▪ If anything, they are trying to best one another in erecting showcase embassy buildings.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"glass case for exhibiting valuable things," 1835, from show (v.) + case (n.2). In the extended sense, it is attested from 1937. The verb is first recorded 1945. Related: Showcased; showcasing.


n. 1 A case for displaying merchandise or valuable items. 2 A setting, occasion, or medium for exhibiting something or someone, especially in an attractive or favorable aspect. vb. To display, demonstrate, show, or present.

  1. n. a setting in which something can be displayed to best effect; "it was a showcase for democracy in Africa" [syn: show window]

  2. a glass container used to store and display items in a shop or museum or home [syn: case, display case]


Showcase or Vitrine may refer to:

  • Cabinet (furniture)
  • Display case
Showcase (comics)

Showcase has been the title of several comic anthology series published by DC Comics. The general theme of these series has been to feature new and minor characters as a way to gauge reader interest in them, without the difficulty and risk of featuring "untested" characters in their own ongoing titles. The original series ran from March–April 1956 to September 1970 suspending publication with issue #93, and then was revived for eleven issues from August 1977 to September 1978.

Showcase (Canadian TV channel)

Showcase is a Canadian English language Category A specialty channel owned by Corus Entertainment. The channel deals primarily in scripted television series and films and was well-known in its early years for featuring unconventional and often risqué programming.

Showcase (Patsy Cline album)

Showcase is a studio album by American country music singer Patsy Cline, recorded with The Jordanaires and released November 27, 1961. It was Cline's second studio album and her first since Patsy Cline in 1957.

Showcase (Firefox extension)

Showcase is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox, Flock, and SeaMonkey (as a special port named "Seamonkey Showcase") web browsers. Its function is to show all open browsers as thumbnails, and it offers capabilities like search and tab organization.

Showcase earned the "Best Use of New Firefox 1.5 Features" award for the Extend Firefox contest.

Showcase (retailer)

Showcase is a Canadian retail company specializing in “ As Seen on TV” products typically sold on television infomercials. There are 99 locations in major malls across Canada as well as a e-commerce portal that sells to U.S. and Canadian consumers. According to their website, Showcase is the world’s largest as-seen-on-TV retailer.

Showcase (The Sylvers album)

Showcase is the fourth album by the Los Angeles, California-based R&B group The Sylvers.

Showcase (Australian TV channel)

Showcase (stylised as showcase) is an Australian premium cable and satellite television channel. It is owned and operated by Foxtel Networks and was a sister network to the Showtime channels. Showcase is managed by Showtime's chief executive officer Peter Rose. In 2007 Rose said Showcase "provides a real home at last for quality drama in Australia, and this list of outstanding event television is just the start".

Showcase can be found on channel 115 on Foxtel, Optus TV, and broadcast the Australian premieres of Dexter and Australian made series Satisfaction.

On 15 November 2009 Showcase launched two additional channels: showcase two and showcase HD.

Foxtel took over managing and producing Showcase and the other Showtime channels as of 31 October 2012, with it purchasing assets of the PMP. On 9 December 2012, it was announced that Movie Network and Showtime (with the exception of Showcase) would be replaced with a new lineup of Foxtel-branded movie channels to be named Foxtel Movies Showcase would continue to be the home of premium dramas from HBO and other international networks, original programming, documentaries, and independent films.

On 3 November 2014 showcase moved from Foxtel's Premium Movies and Drama package to the newly founded Drama package. In addition, the channel moved from channel 404 to channel 115 and showcase + 2 moved from channel 414 to channel 158.

Showcase (Philly Joe Jones album)

Showcase is the third album led by American jazz drummer Philly Joe Jones which was recorded in 1959 for the Riverside label.

Usage examples of "showcase".

Magnificent windows showcased Lake Shallen, which glittered in the moonlight.

It pointed down to the space between the counter and the unrobbed showcase of silver on the wall.

I have already mentioned, a package of sliced bacon, a box of soap chips, and a paper sack of spinach, among the green leaves of which glowed, when I emptied them out on the showcase, the hard crystal facets of unset diamonds.

New Conservatives to build cores like it in every English city, showcases for a top-led society, the acceptable face of capitalism.

Stumbling through the dark, Geiger reached a hinged counter that connected two showcases.

Chinese haikwan tael that had disappeared from the showcase in the museum, because that was silver and had a hole in it.

The fate of Citadel hung on him and the SS, like a medal, and this would showcase them as what Luis knew them to be: the finest fighting men and machines the world had ever witnessed.

The Olympus eden is a showcase microecology, a sample of what all Mars will be like eventually, and is not yet available for colonization.

The first two days of the show were hectic ones, getting the horses settled in, clipped, and groomed, with more exhibiters arriving all the time, florists delivering huge potted plants to various stables to aid in the transformation of common stalls into showcases, and car penters and electricians swarming all over the place like so many flies in a barn.

The long exhibition hall was lined with lavish showcase stalls the entire length of the building on both sides.

It also ensures that the sides of the building form a constantly updated museum of tags from every corner of the borough, a showcase for rival tribes in temporary collaboration.

I killed no vases, no beer glasses nor light bulbs, I opened up no showcase nor deprived any spectacles of their power of vision -- no, my vocal rancor was directed against all the balls, bells, light refracting silvery soap bubbles that graced the Ochristmastree: with a tinkle tinkle and a klingaling, the tree decorations were shattered into dust.

In addition, as a sideline so to speak, he attended to the buying and ordering, the accounts with the wholesale houses and the Board of Trade -- occupations which became more and more complicated as the war went on -- carried on, and not without shrewdness, the necessary correspondence with the fiscal authorities, decorated the showcase with considerable imagination and good taste, and conscientiously performed his so-called Party duties.

All of these items were proudly showcased in his room, giving a visitor the impression that he wanted to be an archaeologist or a professor someday.

Inmate art work from prison facilities throughout the state is showcased for several days each April at a government building.