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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a dramatic increase/rise
▪ There has been a dramatic rise in fuel costs.
a growing/increasing need
▪ She emphasized the growing need to deal with environmental problems.
a growing/increasing number
▪ An increasing number of women are entering the profession.
a growing/increasing/rising trend
▪ a growing trend towards globalization in world markets
a growth/rise/increase in exports
▪ The electronics sector has seen a 16% growth in exports.
a huge loss/profit/increase etc
▪ a huge increase in cost
a level rises/goes up/increases
▪ The level of unemployment has increased.
a number increases/goes up/grows/rises
▪ The number of mobile phones has increased dramatically.
a pay increase
▪ Teachers will be awarded a 6% pay increase this year.
a percentage increase/change
▪ Poorer pensioners experienced the greatest percentage increase in their pensions.
a population grows/increases/rises
▪ Between these years the population grew by 40%.
a price goes up/rises/increases
▪ When supplies go down, prices tend to go up.
a price rise/increase
▪ Consumers are facing more fuel price rises.
a rapid increase/rise
▪ The country cannot cope with a rapid increase in population.
a rent increase
▪ How can they justify such big rent increases?
a rise/increase in unemployment
▪ The crisis meant a sharp rise in unemployment.
a rise/increase in value
▪ We saw a rapid increase in the land’s value.
a salary increase
▪ He was given a huge salary increase.
a steady increase/rise
▪ The campus has benefited from a steady increase in student numbers.
a wage increase/rise
▪ The rail workers demanded a 20% wage increase.
an increased/reduced risk
▪ Those who smoke have an increased risk of heart disease.
an increase/growth in sales
▪ The company is expecting a 20% increase in sales next year.
an increase/rise in expenditure
▪ The government has announced a planned 4.4% increase in public expenditure.
an increase/rise in salary
▪ They were offered a 10% increase in salary.
boost/increase sb’s confidence (=make someone feel more confident)
▪ One of my stories was published, which really boosted my confidence.
consumption rises/increases/goes up
▪ Consumption of unleaded fuel rose by 17% in 1992.
demand rises/increases
▪ Demand for energy has continued to rise.
earnings rise/increase
▪ Average earnings increased by 5 per cent last year.
exports increase/rise/grow
▪ Electronics exports grew more slowly than in previous years.
extend/increase/stretch sb’s lead (=make the lead bigger)
▪ The Australian rugby team extended its lead with a try from Stirling Mortlock.
fractional increase
▪ a fractional increase
gain/grow/increase in popularity
▪ Extreme sports are growing in popularity.
greater/increased efficiency
▪ In a search for greater efficiency, the two departments have merged.
greatly increased/reduced
▪ The cost of repairs has greatly increased in recent years.
growing/increasing importance
▪ the growing importance of the Internet as a source of information
growing/increasing inequality
▪ Income trends are shifting form increasing equality to increasing inequality.
growing/increasing resentment
▪ Soon growing resentment against foreigners erupted into violence.
growing/increasing/rising popularity
▪ This may be the key to explaining Celtic music's increasing popularity.
growing/rising/increased expectations (=becoming higher)
▪ China's economy will grow considerably over the next five years, bringing rising expectations of wealth.
imports increase/rise/grow
▪ Imports increased by 13 percent last year.
improve/increase efficiency
▪ The company is taking steps to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
▪ Recent efforts by American business to increase efficiency seem to have failed.
in large/increasing/limited etc numbers
▪ Birds nest here in large numbers.
increase a level
▪ Healthy eating can increase your energy level.
increase a majority (=get more votes than you had before)
▪ Labour increased its majority in the area.
increase a risk
▪ Smoking increases the risk of heart disease.
increase expenditure
▪ The company plans to increase capital expenditure by 20% this financial year.
increase imports
▪ The company increased imports in order to cut domestic production costs.
increase inequality
▪ Some of the government's policies have actually increased inequalities between men and women.
increase sb’s salary
▪ His salary was increased to £80,000 a year.
increase the chance of sth
▪ Certain foods increase the chance of heart disease.
increase the number of sth
▪ As you improve, increase the number of times you do each exercise.
increase your fitness
▪ Aerobic exercise, such as jogging or cycling, will increase your fitness.
increase your income
▪ She took on extra work to increase her income.
increase your speed
▪ He increased his speed until he was running flat out.
increase/boost demand
▪ A very hard winter boosted the demand for natural gas.
increased sixfold
▪ Burglaries have increased sixfold.
increased tenfold
▪ Business has increased tenfold in the past two years.
increased/increasing emphasis
▪ Recently, there has been an increasing emphasis on creating more jobs.
increased/increasing emphasis
▪ Recently, there has been an increasing emphasis on creating more jobs.
increased/increasing/growing demand
▪ One of the problems is the growing demand for housing.
increased/increasing/growing demand
▪ One of the problems is the growing demand for housing.
increase/improve your knowledge
▪ If you want to improve your knowledge of the language, you should go and live in France.
▪ In the past twenty years, we have greatly increased our knowledge of how the brain works.
increase/improve/enhance sb’s understanding
▪ The classes really helped to increase our understanding of the subject.
increase/improve/raise productivity
▪ ways of increasing productivity
increase/push up the cost
▪ The new tax will increase the cost of owning a car.
increase/raise spending
▪ He has increased public spending and raised taxes.
increase/raise the rent (also put up the rent British English)
▪ The landlord wants to put up the rent.
increase/reduce the dosage
increase/reduce/add to etc sb’s workload
▪ We’ve got to find ways of reducing Gail’s workload next year.
increase/rise by half (=become 50% more)
▪ The number of passengers using the service has increased by half.
increase/rise/fall etc in production
▪ a drop in oil and gas production
increase/rise/go up in value
▪ The dollar has been steadily increasing in value.
increasing/growing competition
▪ the growing competition between banks
increasing/growing/mounting/rising tension
▪ There are reports of increasing tension in some areas.
increasing/mounting anxiety
▪ There is mounting anxiety about the rise in violent crime.
increasing/mounting pressure
▪ There was increasing pressure on the Chancellor to cut petrol tax.
modest increase
▪ a modest increase in costs
noticeable difference/change/increase etc
▪ a noticeable improvement in air quality
phenomenal growth/rise/increase
▪ California had experienced a phenomenal growth in population.
population increase
▪ The population increase in the region is a cause for concern.
profits rise/increase/grow
▪ Half of the firms surveyed expected profits to rise.
progressive decline/reduction/increase etc
▪ the progressive increase in population
put up/increase/raise a price
▪ Manufacturers have had to put their prices up.
raise/increase taxes (also put up taxes British English)
▪ He claimed the Labour Party would put up taxes.
raise/increase the tension
▪ The arrests only served to raise the tension.
represent a change/an advance/an increase etc
▪ This treatment represents a significant advance in the field of cancer research.
rise/increase sharply
▪ The value of early photographs has risen sharply in recent years.
sales increase/rise/grow/go up
▪ Sales rose by 9% last year.
sb’s confidence grows/increases
▪ Since she started her new school, her confidence has grown a lot.
sb’s income rises/increases/goes up
▪ They saw their income rise considerably over the next few years.
tax increases
▪ He accused the president of planning the biggest tax increases in U.S. history.
the rent increases/goes up
▪ The rent has gone up by over 50% in the last two years.
the value of sth increases/rises
▪ The value of the land had increased by $2m.
twofold increase
▪ a twofold increase in cases of TB
unemployment increases/rises
▪ During their term in office unemployment increased by 50 percent.
with alarming/increasing etc regularity
▪ Our team kept losing with monotonous regularity in a way that seems boring or annoying.
with increasing frequency (=more and more often)
▪ Side effects from prescribed drugs are being reported with increasing frequency.
▪ Petrol will increase by around 11p a gallon with annual road tax rising from £110 to £130.
▪ Thus, lease payments for the office will increase by more than $ 90, 000 a year.
▪ This had no effect on the rate ratio estimates but the width of the confidence intervals was increased by about 50%.
▪ Although these were prosperous years, disposable income of individuals increased by only about 2 I percent.
▪ From 1979 to 1988 they increased by about 34 percent., and there have been further improvements since 1988.
▪ In addition, parked domain names increased by over 40,000 to a new total of 210,000.
▪ The wages of public sector employees were increased by up to 200 percent, with 350 percent increases for health and education workers.
▪ Since 1994, troop strength has increased by roughly 15 percent, to about 180, 000.
▪ Over the past 30 years Western living standards have increased dramatically, yet the sense of well-being has plummeted.
▪ But the pace and complexity will increase dramatically under deregulation, as will the number of electricity vendors, energy analysts say.
▪ The reason is that crime has increased dramatically under the Government.
▪ To match federal program cuts, that proportion would have to dramatically increase.
▪ Already more than 100 management agreements are under discussion and the number is expected to increase dramatically now that the guidelines are in force.
▪ Until the trend was arrested, the size of committee staffs had been increasing dramatically in recent years.
▪ The fact that bumiputra ownership had increased dramatically, no doubt helped smooth the way.
▪ By having regular contact with her and then following her guidance, you will dramatically increase the likelihood of success.
▪ This has the effect of greatly increasing the strength of the withdrawal reflex in response to subsequence stimulation of the siphon alone.
▪ But that, of course, would greatly increase the amount of plutonium to be dealt with.
▪ Although the number recorded has greatly increased in recent years, no real change in status may have occurred.
▪ However, the mass of equipment required on Mars to extract and process water may be greatly increased.
▪ Compulsory seating at football grounds has greatly increased my enjoyment of games.
▪ Materials represent a healthy balance between theoretical and applied knowledge, and all have a multiple use potential greatly increasing their value.
▪ He accepted that legalisation would not necessarily greatly increase addiction to hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin.
▪ Now, with the new administration, he is working to see the program and its monies greatly increased. reformer circles.
▪ Women had the vote, and education and employment opportunities had increased significantly for single women.
▪ For reasons that remain obscure, caffeine significantly increases the analgesic effectiveness of both aspirin and aspirin substitutes such as acetaminophen.
▪ It replaces two ole cast iron systems and will significantly increase production.
▪ Nygard and his team found that coffee not only raised levels of blood cholesterol, but also significantly increased homocysteine.
▪ Utilization rates for both these services increase significantly with the age of older people.
▪ Since then, the number of direct sales outlets has increased significantly.
▪ This information has significantly increased man's knowledge of the lunar environment.
▪ Also, for whatever reason, the number of applicants has significantly increased.
▪ Demand looks set to increase steadily at about 1.4% a year, as clean-burning gas replaces oil and coal.
▪ After the second month of pregnancy, estriol levels steadily increase as the placenta takes over estrogen production. 344.
▪ The attendance has increased steadily over the years and the conference attracts more and more international participants.
▪ Throughout the fall of 1989, a steadily increasing number of employees requested transfers out of Black &038; White.
▪ Subsequently, he steadily increases his short position in futures, so that at delivery he has 1905 contracts.
▪ Since the woman collapsed in 1988, the first diagnosed hyponatremia case at the Canyon, cases of hyponatremia have steadily increased.
▪ The average size of the sentenced prison population has been increasing steadily since the Second World War.
▪ Before that, money had increased steadily since January 1994.
▪ They also increase the amount of sensory stimulation it receives.
▪ Simplifies tax filing for thousands of middle-income Californians by increasing the exemption amounts used in calculating the Alternative Minimum Tax.
▪ In addition, an expanding Kingston required increasing amounts of fruit and market garden produce which are currently the main products.
▪ This means that equilibrium quantity will increase by an amount greater than that which either change would have entailed in isolation.
▪ Brown algae is generally an indication of quite low lighting levels and increasing the amount of light will overcome this problem.
▪ And for fourteen years, Nucor had paid a dividend to its stockholders, increasing the amount of the dividend each year.
▪ We have increased the amount being spent on the coastguard service and a good coastguard service is available to our coastline.
▪ When those goals are respected, we may have the opportunity to spend increasing amounts.
▪ It should be noted that there is possibly another option, that is for the company to increase its capacity.
▪ Because of the limited bandwidth available over existing telephone lines, the telcos must increase their last mile capacity.
▪ We will reduce airport congestion by increasing the capacity of our air traffic control.
▪ Key reasons include an ability to increase capacity and to compete globally.
▪ A 250-bedroom extension to the Excelsior will increase total capacity to 1,576 rooms not counting Skyway's 450 rooms.
▪ Pursuing new technologies to increase roadway capacity without adding travel lanes has become fashionable.
▪ So far, there are indications that technology developments can, within five years, increase the capacity of existing trainers tenfold.
▪ Their luminal surfaces possess microvilli which increase the absorptive capacity of the cells.
▪ The only defendant to testify was Salaam, a move which most observers saw as having increased his chances of conviction.
▪ And the change could also increase Moore's chances of a place in the Test line-up.
▪ If she is 14 rather than 10, it could increase her chances of getting to keep her child, Hay said.
▪ Thus issue of pasting in photographs etc. would be resolved and so increase the chances of having the complete story.
▪ The decrease in muscle strength can be accompanied by impaired balance, which increases the chance of falling and breaking bones.
▪ What this illustrates is the tenacity of testators towards formulae which they believe increase the chances of their dispositions being observed.
▪ For such clients, setting intermediate goals increases the chances of initial success, which will keep their motivation up.
▪ This has increased the demand for new facilities, but the supply of teams remains limited.
▪ Increasing life expectancy has increased the demands for medical care, retirement communities, and nursing homes.
▪ This growth itself increases the demand for money.
▪ To get more funding, one community mental health center demonstrated an increased demand from dislocated workers.
▪ Supermarkets themselves say they're catering for increasing customer demand, customers too seem to reinforce that attitude.
▪ Speculation that the cold weather increased demand for heating oil pushed prices higher in early trading.
▪ As we move up the hierarchy towards elite sport, there is an increasing demand to watch sporting competitions.
▪ The topographical setting of an urban area can increase the frequency and severity of adverse meteorological conditions.
▪ Personal secrets have turned into public issues and, with increasing frequency, public scandals.
▪ Sneezing comes early and with increasing frequency.
▪ Nevertheless, teachers may improve their effectiveness by increasing the frequency of positive responses while reducing the negative.
▪ Dexter sighed with increasing frequency when sent out to check yet another marriage bureau.
▪ Anxiety and despair broke through it with increasing frequency.
▪ Another mechanism, called transposition, can also increase the frequency of one variant through the genome.
▪ It was, in other words, the kind of book you encounter with increased frequency as you move through college.
▪ From the point of view of capital the sector would have increased in importance by a half.
▪ Another argument in favour of the provinces is that the steady decentralisation of justice from London naturally increases the importance of the provincial Bar.
▪ Indeed as the public domain has become more impersonal and technical so the family has increased in importance.
▪ This increases the importance of competition as a structuring agent. 3.
▪ The 1970s and 1980s have been marked by an ever increasing realisation of the importance of home - school relationships.
▪ The second assumption is that additional tax relief will indeed increase the level of giving.
▪ Regular blood tests of the sequestered biospherians showed increased levels of pesticides and herbicides in their blood.
▪ If I build a trickle filter, holding approximately 10 gallons, will I be able to increase my stocking level?
▪ As black participation in the economy increased, the level of repression to enforce apartheid was stepped up.
▪ It is not good practice to use extra filter capacity to increase stocking levels in the main tank.
▪ As the dosage increased above that level, activity dropped.
▪ Gradually he had started to reject food which had increased her level of anxiety and gained him more attention.
▪ As hospitals continue to consolidate, centralize, and diversify functions, competition will increase at all job levels.
▪ The first two Conservative governments presided over an economy which produced ever increasing numbers of unemployed people.
▪ Keeping churches open is the main reason nonpriests are overseeing an increasing number of parishes.
▪ Changes in lifestyle and increasing numbers of households also mean that more homes will be required.
▪ Banks say the devices increase the number of personal loan transactions.
▪ With data filtering one pays the price of decreasing the effective library redundancy and increasing the number of hybridisations.
▪ An increasing number of mid-level consultants had learned new skills.
▪ It supports the Futurebus+, increasing the number of user priorities LynxOS can process to include rate, multiprocessing and scheduling.
▪ To work, your strategy must continually increase the number of people joining you in taking responsibility for change.
▪ As a result increasing numbers are registering with tourist boards, even though this means allowing inspectors on their premises.
▪ I see increasing numbers of anemones and a couple of empty mussel shells.
▪ Were merchants and artisans increasing in numbers at the expense of other classes?
▪ But then all hell broke loose, geologically speaking, as increasing numbers of sources for the rock were discovered.
▪ Above them, Hunters swarmed in increasing numbers.
▪ Once uncommon in our waters, they have become more abundant as anchovies, a favored food, have increased in numbers.
▪ The first two Conservative governments presided over an economy which produced ever increasing numbers of unemployed people.
▪ Changes in lifestyle and increasing numbers of households also mean that more homes will be required.
▪ The Act has also vastly increased the powers of Immigration Officers.
▪ Organizational environments are always uncertain, so departments that can cope effectively with uncertainty can increase their power within the organization.
▪ The power of the chief executive or minister can in this way be used to increase the power of some one else.
▪ Board of Education in 1954 increased federal power in education.
▪ Others, including Stead, attacked the bill for increasing the arbitrary power of the police on the streets.
▪ The continuously falling price and increasing power of desk-top computers has led to their widespread availability and use.
▪ Fundamentalist religious groups have increased their power in Ulster in recent decades, especially the free presbyterians.
▪ Even before last week's decision bureaucrats were debating whether to lower the target because of the increasing hostility to nuclear power.
▪ In a functional department we face quite properly increasing pressure on our resources.
▪ But in recent weeks Gen McCaffrey has come under increasing pressure.
▪ That has increased pressure to move to a more professional army.
▪ By the early 1960s, however, there was increasing pressure for control over immigration.
▪ Once on its own, Nielsen will be under increased pressure to perform.
▪ The Institute is now under increasing pressure to open up its disciplinary hearings to the public.
▪ In the past 30 years house prices have increased by 135 % and wages by only 60 %.
▪ If the opposite holds true, equilibrium price will increase.
▪ The continuously falling price and increasing power of desk-top computers has led to their widespread availability and use.
▪ For example, many technology stocks in 1995 had stock price increases that far surpassed their profits.
▪ The price of a job increases with its potential returns.
▪ So competition for markets from the cheaper products made on newly installed machinery would hold price increases down to the existing rate.
▪ Crabb said non-ferrous prices now appear to have stabilized at lower levels and ferrous prices have increased.
▪ But china clay production has increased.
▪ Oil imports began to decline as domestic production began to increase.
▪ This is interpreted as being indicative of the different functions which are served by comprehension and production with increasing age.
▪ The speed of production has increased, and the distribution of workers and work flow has dispersed.
▪ Advocates of globalisation advise third world economic planners to divert water away from food production to increase manufacturing.
▪ The polyester products maker attributed the forecast to weak world-wide demand that has lowered production volumes and increased manufacturing costs.
▪ The educational system is partly concerned with producing the skills and expertise to expand production and increase its efficiency.
▪ The higher prices would dovetail nicely with production capacity increases that are already in the pipeline.
▪ Much additional work has to be done to increase productivity further.
▪ Nearly a third of respondents also said they increased their productivity by working at home.
▪ In January 1987, it asked suppliers to increase their productivity by 5% a year, for five years.
▪ Here as elsewhere in the developing world, traffic snarls have increased tensions and decreased productivity.
▪ The drive to increase productivity resulted in a series of conflicts with the unions as Sir Michael sought the right to manage.
▪ Nor has the focus of government industrial research been on increasing the efficiency and productivity of existing industry.
▪ In other spheres attempts to increase productivity had been blocked.
▪ For example, improved pregnancy outcome that reduces infant mortality will increase productivity in the labor force in 16 to 25 years.
▪ Pretax profit increased 17 percent to 44 million.
▪ Its operating profits have increased by 20% from £22.5 million to £27.1 million.
▪ Such saving is specifically used to increase productive capital and future profits.
▪ Revenues and profits increased dramatically, and Mega achieved its 1984 plan.
▪ Group pre-tax profits to 30 June increased from £7.11m to £9.22m on turnover ahead just 3 percent to £181m.
▪ The Memphis company is a fast grower, with profits increasing more than 20 % in each of the past two years.
▪ They contribute 14 percent of the greenhouse effect and are increasing at the rate of 6 percent a year.
▪ Even to suggest that efforts he made to expand the labor force by increasing the domestic birth rate would seem slightly artful.
▪ Over past years, locals had experienced increasing crime rates and a growing fear of crime.
▪ The total cost curve increases at a decreasing rate over some range and then begins to increase at an increasing rate.
▪ This increases your heart rate and encourages more oxygen into the body as you breathe more quickly.
▪ Those substances increase the heart rate and blood pressure, and may increase the substances that help form clots.
▪ Productivity growth Faster scrapping of old plant as a result of insufficient labour should increase the rate of growth of labour productivity.
▪ The average cost then increases at a slower rate and eventually approaches the marginal cost.
▪ Continual weight fluctuation increases the risk of heart disease and early death.
▪ Certain medical conditions increase the risk of taking sleeping pills.
▪ For high risk junctions increasing exemplar risk is associated with an increase in the amount of information described.
▪ For two decades, research has re-ported that anger is related to an increased risk of heart attack.
▪ Hypothesis Power lines, cancer and cyclotron resonance Living close to overhead power lines may increase the risk of cancer in humans.
▪ It had increased the risk of war while making war immeasurably more dangerous.
▪ However, installing a medium or large computer with pre-packaged software severely increases the risk.
▪ Controlling for the other variables, Thaler and Rosen found a clear systematic tendency for wage rates to rise with increasing risk.
▪ Layout and design can make a great difference in increasing sales.
▪ The company today increased its sales estimate for 1996 for its storage products for computer linked on networks, its newest business.
▪ Only Ireland had increased vehicle sales in April.
▪ He has increased sales every year since he started his company.
▪ It's no use increasing sales by £500 if the campaign itself cost £1000!
▪ This would have increased city sales tax revenues to cover property tax losses -- for the city.
▪ They want to increase sales by selling to anyone regardless of whether we are likely to get paid or not. 3.
▪ And although our markets are declining we have increased our market share in all sectors.
▪ Lower classes find that only violence enables their class to increase its relative share of values.
▪ Lloyd's is keen not only to increase its market share but to broaden its spread of risks.
▪ To increase its market share, Ethyl has been trading companies.
▪ Employment in construction rose by two-thirds over the six years, increasing its share of nonagricultural employment by more than half a million.
▪ There is every reason to believe that the developing countries will continue to draw an increasing share of worldwide investment funds.
▪ Stockbroker Hoare Govett believes that radio could increase its share by 5 percent by 1995.
▪ Pilaster strip decoration is usual and small windows, increasing in size towards the top.
▪ Community usage can also be indicated by gradually increasing the type size.
▪ Knit the same number of rows as knitted on the ribber, increasing stitch size by two dots on each row.
▪ Instead, we can expect companies to increase the size of the public relations screen used to hide what is going on.
▪ Females tend to remain in their natal units, which thereby increase gradually in size.
▪ Several years ago a director of one of our divisions wanted to increase the size of the printing order.
▪ There was, however, still no agreement on increasing net mesh size to help conserve stocks.
▪ During the inflationary phase, the universe increases its size by a very large amount.
▪ They have been hit by the present Government, under whom the tax burden has increased.
▪ The second assumption is that additional tax relief will indeed increase the level of giving.
▪ The public squabbling over tax and fee increases recalled a similar exchange from the 1992 presidential campaign.
▪ Corporation tax, by increasing the fixed costs, in effect raises the entry barriers to the industry.
▪ How could the federal government make up the revenue drain that would result to avoid raising other taxes or increasing the deficit?
▪ To put it another way, reducing income tax will increase people's capacity to afford more leisure.
▪ The poll tax will increase the numbers eligible for housing benefit.
▪ If you would like to give a child an investment present that will increase in value, phone 0898-666629 for advice.
▪ Materials represent a healthy balance between theoretical and applied knowledge, and all have a multiple use potential greatly increasing their value.
▪ Because so much has been put into making such fine volumes, they have tended to increase in value year by year.
▪ Firms connected with Brown and Root did even better, increasing in value an average of 1. 64 percent.
▪ Our house has increased in value and we feel lucky that we're not affected by the slump in the housing market.
▪ A key way employees will find to increase their value to the company will be through service on these task forces.
▪ As present value increases relative to future value for a given term to maturity, the interest rate declines. 3.
▪ Whether leisure time increases or decreases as wage rates rise is an empirical question.
▪ But opposition from the business community to increasing the minimum wage is already in place.
▪ When taxes were increased, wages and benefits were also increased accordingly.
▪ Being of very modest means, but having some contacts upon the turf, he attempted to increase his wages by gambling.
▪ Then we showed that increasing the after-tax wage would encourage labour force participation by those not currently in the labour force.
▪ He defends prevailing wage laws for skilled construction workers and supports increasing the minimum wage.
▪ These changes reflected Government policy of increasing resources and wages for the police and fire service.
▪ Theoretically, the commission could increase the minimum wage before the election.
▪ The number of long-term unemployed has continued to increase and in January totalled 2,286.
▪ After fourth grade, the amount of schoolwork continues to increase gradually until grade seven, when another large jump occurs.
▪ But after three relatively small grape harvests in a row coupled with continuing strong consumer demand, grape prices continue to increase.
▪ As the hours of flying continued, the tension increased.
▪ Select new skin-care products. Continue exercise programme, increasing swimming to twenty lengths, walking to twenty minutes.
▪ But Clinton insists that new technologies will improve energy efficiency, enabling developing countries to continue economic growth without increasing emissions.
▪ His bosses, the directors, say they look forward to next year, when they expect new business to increase.
▪ Instead, we can expect companies to increase the size of the public relations screen used to hide what is going on.
▪ It expects it to increase in value.
▪ It is reasonable to expect gun ownership to increase in the more conservative communities in the Bay Area.
▪ Either way, climate extremes are expected to increase.
▪ Some analysts had been expecting comparable-store sales to increase in the 6 % range.
▪ Continental is expected to try and increase its stake - or bid.
▪ Aetrium Inc., which reported better-than-#expected earnings Tuesday, increased 1 to 19 3 / 4.
ever-increasing/ever-present etc
exponential growth/increase etc
▪ If only passive properties determine the pressure elastic modulus, an exponential increase would have been expected.
▪ Most market professionals agree that the tax-deferred funds are a major force behind the exponential growth in stock prices.
▪ Text messaging has experienced exponential growth in the past year.
▪ This diversification has been shown to correspond closely to a simple exponential growth model.
punitive taxes/price increases etc
▪ a program to increase output by 14%
▪ Gradually the noise and traffic increased as they approached the city.
▪ Health care costs increased from £1.9 billion in 2000 to £4 billion in 2001.
▪ High alcohol consumption increases the risk of liver disease.
▪ Hormone levels increase throughout pregnancy.
▪ Major league clubs have increased in number from 26 to 28.
▪ Revenue and profits have increased dramatically this year.
▪ Some analysts say the new law could increase expectations of an economic recovery.
▪ The city plans to increase the number of public housing units.
▪ The Clean Air Act would increase the cost of electric power in the Midwest.
▪ The company has increased its workforce to 1,500 employees
▪ The cut in interest rates will help to increase confidence in the housing market.
▪ The excitement is increasing inside the stadium as we wait for the teams to come out onto the field.
▪ The government is increasing pressure on drug-traffickers.
▪ The imposition of martial law will only increase violence and repression.
▪ The number of high school students using LSD has increased to its highest level since 1986.
▪ The party aims to increase the number of women elected to Congress.
▪ The President's popularity has increased enormously in recent months.
▪ The price of cigarettes has increased by 30% in the last two years.
▪ The telephone company has had to increase its workforce by 10 percent.
▪ Breeders can increase production by taking an egg away and putting it in an incubator to hatch.
▪ But there is no evidence, so far, that it plans to increase its total number of warheads.
▪ Gate income won't exactly increase either over the remainder of what appears to be a relegation season.
▪ Others, including Stead, attacked the bill for increasing the arbitrary power of the police on the streets.
▪ The melting point increases with depth in the Earth because of the increasing pressure.
▪ Trade credit properly controlled can increase both your sales and your profits.
▪ Women can not increase their fecundity by taking more mates; men can.
▪ The five-year programme was budgeted to cost 22,750,000 million yen, at an average annual increase of around 3 percent.
▪ The number of state and federal inmates rose by 89, 707, which was the largest annual increase in history.
▪ Its annual increase in the 1980s was 1 percent.
▪ That is the highest annual increase in 15 years.
▪ The budget has reached £54,500 for the year with annual increases outstripping inflation.
▪ The school tax will remain in effect for eight years, with 4 percent annual increases.
▪ Between 1974 and 1978 there was an annual rate of increase in retail prices in excess of 17%.
▪ This compares with an average annual increase of 0.5-0.6 percent in the 1950s and 1960s.
▪ Women are working more across the board, but the biggest increase has come from women married to higher-earning husbands.
▪ He noted California experienced two big gasoline price increases in the 1990s.
▪ Large cuts in state spending and big increases in charges for fuels and utilities resulted.
▪ You know what has been the cause of the big increase in murders?
▪ It seems that many buildings will soon become unsafe unless there is a big increase in funds available for much-needed work.
▪ Only a big increase in volume has allowed dealers like Salomon to maintain revenue and profits.
▪ A big increase in the number of elderly people has to profoundly change the nature of the system.
▪ He discovered that diffusing the transmitted light resulted in a dramatic increase in the resolution of such cryptic features.
▪ Other dangers are dramatic increases and decreases in blood pressure, paranoia and psychosis.
▪ Interviews done in the week after the shows aired found dramatic increases in awareness and understanding of medical issues surrounding both topics.
▪ Male speaker We've seen quite a dramatic increase this year.
▪ Taken together, they constitute a quite dramatic increase in inequality.
▪ However, during the late 1960s a dramatic and unprecedented increase in public concern for the environment occurred.
▪ Although the figure is small, it represents a dramatic increase compared with a total of six elected officials in 1962.
▪ The second-round effect of the increased government expenditure will be a further increase in national income of £40 million.
▪ But the general principle seems secure: we must beware of any further large increases in the carbon dioxide level.
▪ At this stage we have no plans for further increases.
▪ Out-of-state students, who already pay three to four times more than residents, can expect to see further increases.
▪ Any further increase could push Footsie, which started the year at 1,782.8, below 2,000.
▪ The third-round effect of the increase in government expenditure will be a further increase of £16 million in national income.
▪ Studies since Gorer's indicate a still further increase.
▪ After that the Home Office expected no further increases.
▪ The problem was resolved by a gradual increase in the social division of labour.
▪ A review of her temperature chart showed a gradual increase over the preceding eight hours.
▪ The gradual increase and specialization of radio channels disintegrated the audience.
▪ The main innovation was the gradual increase in the number of Sri Lankan magistrates and judges.
▪ Mr Dorrell said he hoped a gradual tax increase would make the principle more acceptable to drivers.
▪ A falling mortality rate led to a gradual increase in the proportion of the aged in the population.
▪ For women, a pattern of gradual increase was seen by birth cohort in all age groups.
▪ But from 1941 onwards there was a gradual increase in optimism.
▪ One can show that this increase in disorder is always greater than the increase in the order of the memory itself.
▪ The prime result is to make possible a greater increase in population than would be possible on any carnivorous diet.
▪ Assuming a free choice becomes possible, it is difficult to foresee any great increase in the numbers of limited partnerships.
▪ Others claim to have measured even greater increases.
▪ Moreover, we find a greater increase in conductivity with temperature for the carbon-bearing samples.
▪ The expansion of the middle-class was one aspect of the great increase in population marking the nineteenth century.
▪ In this manner I restored many to their senses, with great increase in reputation, and still greater diversion for myself.
▪ The successful LBOs as a group also experienced greater increases in leverage with the buyout.
▪ This is not entirely explained by huge increases in population, as is widely propagated by the mass media and widely believed.
▪ We can point to your huge increase in military spending and then continue on with our own.
▪ In 1921, there was a huge increase in the emigration and physical extinction of households.
▪ Tellingly, huge increases in those behaviors were all launched at around the same time, the era of Woodstock and Stonewall.
▪ One forecasts a huge increase in the ever-escalating costs of the Trident programme.
▪ Government is poised to forecast a huge increase in the extraction of aggregates-one third of which go to roads.
▪ For example, the huge increase in the number of motor vehicles has led to a massive increase in auto-crimes.
▪ That would make a mockery of the Kyoto protocol: instead of cuts, it could lead to huge increases of emissions.
▪ Each Neighbourhood Office was allocated a half-time under-fives worker post, despite a large increase in workload.
▪ Cancer incidence did not rise in the clinic after a large increase in prescriptions for atenolol after 1976.
▪ It is also because improving practice in the area of assessment can be done without requiring large increases in financial resources.
▪ During the years 1918 - 21, a period of severe food shortages, there was a large increase in cattle theft.
▪ However, there was a very large increase in the number of the heaviest vehicles.
▪ A comparison between the 1972 and 1983 studies shows a large increase in the numbers from all social classes gaining O-level qualifications.
▪ Nationally, there has been a marked increase in the sale and consumption of pies.
▪ There has been a marked and regrettable increase in reports from the town over the past year concerning the behaviour of students.
▪ Thus although a marked increase is apparent in recent years it may prove to be due entirely to three freak movements.
▪ It is therefore interesting to find such a marked increase in salaried employment even over this five-year period.
▪ A marked increase in their power would challenge what he surely considered his rightful position within the Yorkist polity.
▪ From the mid 1880s there was a marked increase in the incidence of strikes.
▪ Historically the marked increase in the flow and quality of economic statistics was a valuable outcome of the war effort.
▪ A marked increase in the numbers of nobles had taken place since the early twelfth century.
▪ Trade increased by some 11% from the previous year and showed a massive 62% increase over the last decade.
▪ We are anxious to know where this massive increase will be found?
▪ For example, the huge increase in the number of motor vehicles has led to a massive increase in auto-crimes.
▪ Despite the massive increase in the volume of research in psychology and ethology, little progress seems to have been made.
▪ The main factor causing this redistribution seems to have been a massive increase in non-serious wounding.
▪ Would not a massive increase of jobs ensure that training be integrated to economic revival and be more productive in finding work?
▪ In fact, the massive increase in migration contained a considerable quantity of impermanent movement - temporary, seasonal or merely nomadic.
▪ So modest pay increases were accompanied by a lifting of restrictions on public officials engaging in private enterprise.
▪ Legislative leaders, who approved modest increases in college funding in the last few years, could not be reached Friday.
▪ That is described in the Treasury's paper as a modest increase.
▪ With many excises however, modest price increases have little or 00 effect on sales.
▪ For a very modest increase, the authority could finance the £100 million required for the strategy.
▪ Some predicted modest increases, but others were less optimistic.
▪ The overall exports total showed a modest 0.5 percent increase by value to £8.1billion in November.
▪ Waltham Forest strongly contested the belief that modest revenue increases would be sufficient for reprovision of Claybury.
▪ But by around 1020, the quality of Norman coins declined markedly as a concomitant to the rapid increase in quantity.
▪ The report also notes a rapid increase in the number of single-parent households.
▪ The rapid increase in the number and diversity of states has had long-term consequences for global politics.
▪ This rapid increase failed to materialize, however.
▪ With the rapid increase in biotechnological research, stricter controls with powers of enforcement may well prove necessary in Britain.
▪ However, the rapid increase in the number of science policy-making organs does not necessarily imply efficiency.
▪ There is a rapid and immediate increase in the risk of dying shortly after the index bleed.
▪ Younger age groups are experiencing a rapid increase in the proportion of minorities among their ranks.
▪ Book illustration is a field marked by sharp increases in price over the last two decades.
▪ The budget proposes a sharp fee increase for California community colleges that officials say would cut enrollment.
▪ By 1948 another sharp increase to 19,765 had occurred, with the average daily population exceeding 20,000 in July of that year.
▪ Individual communities saw their own sharp increases in adult cases, with devastating results.
▪ As motorists have found to their cost, the result has been a sharp increase in petrol prices at the pump.
▪ The sharpest increases were in California and New York, the group said.
▪ The decay of Britain's roads has been reflected in a sharp increase in central government's spending on road maintenance.
▪ About 14 percent of the civilian population is enrolled in Medicaid, a sharp increase from 10 percent in 1990.
▪ A market downturn in rig moves was more than compensated for by a significant increase in supporting offshore construction projects.
▪ A homeowner who has paid down that loan or seen a significant increase in property value may no longer need this coverage.
▪ One consequence was a significant increase in violence within the force.
▪ So far, such encouragement has seen a small but significant increase in the numbers of acrylic courts being laid.
▪ It has carried out a five-year study which it says shows no significant increase in radiation is reaching the earth's surface.
▪ A significant increase has been achieved in the income from investments rising from £40,929 to £65,356.
▪ Palatine shareholders are being offered a significant increase in capital value and income, plus a substantial premium over net asset value.
▪ Business Studies continued to show the largest demand with very significant increases recorded in Marketing and Public Relations.
▪ There have, for example, been slight increases in average family size and in the average age at marriage.
▪ Thiazides may cause a slight increase in magnesium excretion.
▪ Textiles accounted for just over a third, after a slight increase that got through to profit.
▪ Here the increment in individual risk from a slight increase in contact rate is negligible, assuming the individual acts alone.
▪ Both figures constitute a slight increase over the previous year.
▪ Transfection with TAP2 a resulted in a slight increase of HLA-A2 and HLA-B5 expression, which we are investigating at present.
▪ Despite continued inflation such small increases in remuneration have been conceded only after many years of negotiation.
▪ Statewide, the agency attributed a small increase in unemployment largely to a drop in agricultural jobs.
▪ Some small increases in women's pay were implemented, but these did not significantly affect the differential between men and women.
▪ Even small increases in CO2 levels can boost biomass production significantly.
▪ Cardiovascular mortality was not related to the duration of gestation except for a small increase in death rates in men born prematurely.
▪ The forecasters expect some decline in energy prices and a smaller increase in food prices.
▪ Farms are fairly small but increase in size nearer the hills.
▪ This seemingly small increase could pump huge amounts of extra energy into storm systems.
▪ By 1972, that figure had doubled to over 120,000 offences and since then there has been a steady increase.
▪ That steady increase can take them several miles down into the crust.
▪ Their story from then on is one of slow, but steady, increase and diversification.
▪ Unit costs were down and cash flow up, providing a steady increase in the gainsharing payout to employees.
▪ Military returns had reported a steady increase in venereal infection among the men since the 1820s.
▪ It shows steady increases in accidents with injuries, as traffic volumes mounted.
▪ The application of nuclear and radiation physics sees a steady increase in the number of titles.
▪ Shares of consumer product companies that post steady earnings increases even when the economy slows gained this week.
▪ Small wonder so little value has been obtained, despite the substantial increase in resources.
▪ And in civil courts around the country there was a substantial increase in the number of suits filed.
▪ The result has been a substantial increase in homelessness and deprivation.
▪ Will we see a substantial increase in prices from year to year?
▪ The market now seems to be improving and we are anticipating a substantial increase in our volumes during 1993.
▪ In addition, for good measure, a substantial increase in the Government's commitment to hospital building was announced.
▪ He could make substantial increases in the severe weather payments scheme.
▪ This led to a substantial increase in platelet cholesterol concentration, the bulk of this increase being associated with the platelet membrane.
▪ It gives the 3,200 staff a 7.6 percent pay increase.
▪ In addition, some workers who remain with the new company could see their pay increase significantly.
▪ In previous years, their pay increases operated from April.
▪ In return, the union says it will forgo pay increases for 1997.
▪ Strikes An national and indefinite strike of bank workers began on Sept. 12 for pay increases of up to 297 percent.
▪ Each worker learns every plant job, he says, and with each new job comes a pay increase.
▪ We don't want to squander that through lax cost control, irresponsible pay increases and things like that.
▪ The two sides are also at odds over the timing of any pay increase the pilots may receive.
▪ Most investigators have observed that H pylori infection causes a greater percentage increase in the postprandial gastrin than fasting gastrin.
▪ Some examples of percentage increases in dividends over 10 years: McCormick, 400 percent.
▪ This means adding just a little expanded memory produces a large percentage increase in the amount of memory available for data storage.
▪ The percentage increase is about the same as nearly all city workers have received over the last nine months.
▪ The board expects a similar percentage increase in next year's interim dividend from 6.75p to 7p.
▪ Each is asking for more than a double-digit percentage increase.
▪ Operating leverage measures the percentage increase in profits resulting from a given percentage increase in sales.
▪ Unfortunately, faced with price increases of up to 25 percent, many of us decided we could live without champagne.
▪ The success of the price increase also will depend on whether other steelmakers follow.
▪ The government on June 3 liberalized the prices of liquid fuels, producing price increases of between 70 and 113 percent.
▪ Kessler said those price increases would probably not be felt by consumers.
▪ People started shopping hysterically, expecting huge price increases.
▪ The price deflator measures the size of price increases, and detects whether higher costs drive consumers away from a product.
▪ In both countries, the concern with the political and economic effects of price increases has led governments to intervene on tariffs.
▪ He noted California experienced two big gasoline price increases in the 1990s.
▪ The combination of recession, falling property values, rent and rate increases have proved fatal to the nation's business community.
▪ Therefore, the report itself is not likely to trigger a rate increase.
▪ What is the significance of organized resistance to rent or rate increases?
▪ The big cable company said it needed the rate increase to pay for past expenses and future investments.
▪ Building societies would respond to a base rate increase with a hike in their mortgage rates.
▪ Lockyer warned Republicans that they might not get another chance to block the welfare rate increase.
▪ The rate increase is doubly painful for societies with large loss-making estate agency chains.
▪ Insurers learned that the state regulators would, during the panic, give away the store in rate increases.
▪ He doesn't believe that extra money motivates, whether that money be a bonus, profit sharing or a salary increase.
▪ As a result, both candidates for governor are considering earmarking some state aid for salary increases.
▪ The decision of the Tribunal is that a salary increase of 1.69% should apply for 12 months from 1st March 1993.
▪ That means we're overdue for a salary increase in many districts.
▪ Also included in the budget was a 103 percent general salary increase for workers.
▪ Few were in the top echelons, and they regularly fell behind their male colleagues in promotions and salary increases.
▪ The level of salary increases has fallen every year since 1990, when they rose 6. 1 %.
▪ The state is also threatening to fine the company and to block salary increases for its managers.
▪ Given the burgeoning budget deficit, there is a very real likelihood of some form of tax increase in the Budget.
▪ Reduce the deficit through tax increases and some spending restraints.
▪ Support the possibility of keeping a lid on tax increases.
▪ The alternative would be deep spending cuts or tax increases -- or some combination of the two.
▪ Wilson had avoided nearly all tax increases since a record $ 7 billion hike to balance the budget in 1991.
▪ His first budget, in 1991, contained a $ 7 billion tax increase.
▪ The amendment would require a two-thirds vote of Congress to pass tax increase measures.
▪ A formula could be seen as a way to get a fair wage increase and made it easier to deal with differentials.
▪ Sam Nunn said Thursday that he will support a minimum wage increase and oppose a repeal of the gas tax.
▪ The health workers were seeking a 100 percent wage increase and improved conditions.
▪ The average wage increase in industry this spring is slightly below five percent for the first time in four years.
▪ State minimum wage increase opponents contend that it unfairly disadvantages small businesses and has an adverse competitive impact on many labor-intensive industries.
▪ Money wage increases are valued in their own right: workers pay no attention to the purchasing power of the money wage.
▪ They will block further tax cuts, except modest breaks for small businesses to ease the burden of a minimum wage increase.
▪ This will raise its retailer's costs, so causing an increase in price and reduction in output.
▪ For most commodities, a rise in income will cause an increase in demand.
▪ It is this dual defect that causes their considerable sixfold increase in gastrin mediated acid secretion.
▪ Thiazides may cause a slight increase in magnesium excretion.
▪ The overheating causes an increase in overall energy consumption of only 7 %.
▪ When all the chloride is precipitated, further generation of Ag ions causes an increase in conductivity of the solution.
▪ First, because the source and observer are moving away from each other the doppler effect causes an increase in wavelength.
▪ This causes an increase in extracellular potassium concentration.
▪ C Ingle, Ilford Friends and colleagues, most of you I expect are experiencing heavy increases in house and car insurance.
▪ Out-of-state students, who already pay three to four times more than residents, can expect to see further increases.
▪ People started shopping hysterically, expecting huge price increases.
▪ However, there was little disagreement about an expected increase of the disease in the United States.
▪ November sales rose an inflation-adjusted 0.5 per cent, about half the expected increase.
▪ The markets were also pressured Friday by news of bigger-than-#expected increases in industrial production and housing construction during September.
▪ The board expects a similar percentage increase in next year's interim dividend from 6.75p to 7p.
▪ Overall, expect a price increase of 1. 4 % this year.
▪ Finally, there are a number of factors leading to an increase in expenditure that may affect local authorities at particular times.
▪ More obstruction calls mean more power plays, which will lead to an increase in scoring.
▪ In the next chapter we show that taking part-time work usually leads to an increase in domestic responsibility.
▪ Occasionally, a substantially increased platelet or white cell count may lead to apparent increases in plasma potassium concentration.
▪ Rising incomes have led both to an increase in wealth and an increase in borrowing.
▪ For example, the huge increase in the number of motor vehicles has led to a massive increase in auto-crimes.
▪ That would make a mockery of the Kyoto protocol: instead of cuts, it could lead to huge increases of emissions.
▪ This leads to an increase in the translational momentum of the molecule, which is not quantized.
▪ Book illustration is a field marked by sharp increases in price over the last two decades.
▪ The 1995 total marked the second annual increase in a row and exceeded five million for the first time in three years.
▪ The figures mark a tremendous increase in recycling, from one-in-two cans four years ago to today's rate of two-in-three.
▪ The depression of 1884 was marked by a large increase in the number of wedding rings pawned.
▪ Not all data on hip fractures show marked increases in winter.
▪ All are agreed that this escalation of the 36-year-long civil war will mean a marked increase in deaths.
▪ Estate agents also report a sharp increase in their business in the past couple of months.
▪ Now the giant builder is reporting a record increase in contracts and is hiring again.
▪ It took in 400 last year, 500 this; other colleges and schools also report big increases.
▪ In a six-month period ending in April, the center reported a 24 percent increase in errors.
▪ It has reported a 77 p.c. increase in complaints and cited pension transfer advice as one of the biggest problem areas.
▪ Ed Pollard of the Secret Service reported a forty-percent increase in death threats.
▪ The market reaction was even more bizarre considering Betterware reported an increase in first-half pre-tax profits of 52 percent to £1.12m.
▪ A decrease in µ represents an increase in polarization, since the range is increasing as µ becomes smaller.
▪ This represents a 25 % increase over the figure for 1994, which was itself sharply higher than for 1993.
▪ This represents an increase of £188.63 per month, 39 percent more than in May 1988.
▪ Salinity has reached 14 parts per thousand which represents a 40 percent increase since 1951.
▪ This represents an increase of 13.4 per cent compared to the previous year's results.
▪ The investment by 3i represented a 73% increase over the previous year, which ended at 31 March 1990.
▪ This years figure of £36.6 million represents an increase of 22% on last years value of £30 million.
▪ Eventhat figure represented a huge increase on previous statistics.
▪ Under such circumstances monopolisation would result in an increase in total surplus.
▪ Later it was re-thought that recycling might result in reduced increases for garbage service.
▪ Mr Lamont said a freeze in bills last year would have resulted in substantial increases for many businesses this year.
▪ Officials have said the bonds will be retired with surplus water system funds and will result in no tax increase.
▪ This was to result in an overall increase of fifty beds.
▪ Estais said the 3. 7 percent rise resulted from an increase in sales of low-priced champagnes and wines.
▪ But both seem extremely problematic and poorly thought out, and if implemented might just result in an increase in infections.
▪ Over the past 12 months, it has seen its membership increase by 26 % to 351.
▪ Out-of-state students, who already pay three to four times more than residents, can expect to see further increases.
▪ One moved out of the city centre and has seen business increase at its new premises.
▪ In addition, some workers who remain with the new company could see their pay increase significantly.
▪ The island is beginning to see an increase in foreign visitors, but as yet very little development has taken place.
▪ We were interested in seeing if this increase was significant from the point of view of higher-level processes.
▪ During the recession Gloucestershire's seen sizable increases in unemployment. 2 years ago the total was just under 8,000.
▪ Despite this diversion the board grew significantly showing an overall increase in income of 20% this year.
▪ Trade increased by some 11% from the previous year and showed a massive 62% increase over the last decade.
▪ All sociological indicators show that custody increases criminality.
▪ The poor growers A and B showed almost identical increase.
▪ This year we need to show a 5% increase but are currently 200 down on last year.
▪ Crime committed every six seconds New figures show an increase in the crime rate to one committed every six seconds.
▪ However the statistics are compiled, an examination of local government expenditure shows a steady increase over the years.
▪ Mr. Page Although the figures show a dramatic increase, is not my right hon. and learned Friend being characteristically modest?
▪ a 12% increase in phone charges
▪ a 50% increase in the city's health budget
▪ A spokesman for the airline said that much of the cost increase was caused by tightening of security.
▪ an increase in consumer spending
▪ Improved airline service led to an 18.7% increase in tourists to Africa last year.
▪ Recent wage increases have boosted morale in the company.
▪ There could be fare increases of up to 10%.
▪ There has been a marked increase in opposition to military action.
▪ There was an increase of about 17% in the urban population between 1910 and 1920.
▪ There will be no increase in student enrolments this year.
▪ What is the reason for the increase in gang hostility in small towns?
▪ An increase in the traffic marked the end of a timetable period.
▪ Clearly Oswiu experienced a tremendous increase in personal power and prestige following his victory at the Winwaed.
▪ Much of that increase was in the fee portion of student bills, which are set and retained by the individual colleges.
▪ Not all data on hip fractures show marked increases in winter.
▪ Sure, there has been grumbling over the price increases, but more for sport than out of real pain.
▪ The Government is also understood to be divided over whether the increase in base rates will provoke a recession.
▪ Wilson had avoided nearly all tax increases since a record $ 7 billion hike to balance the budget in 1991.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Increase \In*crease"\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Increased; p. pr. & vb. n. Increasing.] [OE. incresen, encresen, enrescen, OF. encreistre, fr. L. increscere; pref. in- in + crescere to grow. See Crescent, and cf. Decrease.]

  1. To become greater or more in size, quantity, number, degree, value, intensity, power, authority, reputation, wealth; to grow; to augment; to advance; -- opposed to decrease.

    The waters increased and bare up the ark.
    --Gen. vii. 17.

    He must increase, but I must decrease.
    --John iii. 30.

    The heavens forbid But that our loves and comforts should increase, Even as our days do grow!

  2. To multiply by the production of young; to be fertile, fruitful, or prolific.

    Fishes are more numerous or increasing than beasts or birds, as appears by their numerous spawn.
    --Sir M. Hale.

  3. (Astron.) To become more nearly full; to show more of the surface; to wax; as, the moon increases.

    Increasing function (Math.), a function whose value increases when that of the variable increases, and decreases when the latter is diminished; also called a monotonically increasing function.

    Syn: To enlarge; extend; multiply; expand; develop; heighten; amplify; raise; enhance; spread; aggravate; magnify; augment; advance.

    Usage: To Increase, Enlarge, Extend. Enlarge implies to make larger or broader in size. Extend marks the progress of enlargement so as to have wider boundaries. Increase denotes enlargement by growth and internal vitality, as in the case of plants. A kingdom is enlarged by the addition of new territories; the mind is enlarged by knowledge. A kingdom is extended when its boundaries are carried to a greater distance from the center. A man's riches, honors, knowledge, etc., are increased by accessions which are made from time to time.


Increase \In*crease"\, v. t. To augment or make greater in bulk, quantity, extent, value, or amount, etc.; to add to; to extend; to lengthen; to enhance; to aggravate; as, to increase one's possessions, influence.

I will increase the famine.
--Ezek. v. 16.

Make denials Increase your services.


Increase \In"crease\ (?; 277), n. [OE. encres, encresse. See Increase, v. i.]

  1. Addition or enlargement in size, extent, quantity, number, intensity, value, substance, etc.; augmentation; growth.

    As if increase of appetite had grown By what it fed on.

    For things of tender kind for pleasure made Shoot up with swift increase, and sudden are decay'd.

  2. That which is added to the original stock by augmentation or growth; produce; profit; interest.

    Take thou no usury of him, or increase.
    --Lev. xxv. 36.

    Let them not live to taste this land's increase.

  3. Progeny; issue; offspring.

    All the increase of thy house shall die in the flower of their age.
    --1 Sam. ii. 33.

  4. Generation. [Obs.] ``Organs of increase.''

  5. (Astron.) The period of increasing light, or luminous phase; the waxing; -- said of the moon.

    Seeds, hair, nails, hedges, and herbs will grow soonest if set or cut in the increase of the moon.

    Increase twist, the twixt of a rifle groove in which the angle of twist increases from the breech to the muzzle.

    Syn: Enlargement; extension; growth; development; increment; addition; accession; production.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., "become greater in size or number; to cause to grow, enlarge," from Anglo-French encress-, Old French encreiss-, present participle stem of encreistre, from Latin increscere "to increase, to grow upon, grow over, swell, grow into," from in- "in" (see in- (2)) + crescere "to grow" (see crescent). Latin spelling restored 15c. Related: Increased; increasing.


late 14c., "action of increasing; results of an increasing," \nfrom increase (v.).


n. An amount by which a quantity is increased. vb. 1 (context intransitive of a quantity English) To become larger. 2 (context transitive English) To make (a quantity) larger.

  1. n. a quantity that is added; "there was an addition to property taxes this year"; "they recorded the cattle's gain in weight over a period of weeks" [syn: addition, gain]

  2. a change resulting in an increase; "the increase is scheduled for next month" [ant: decrease]

  3. a process of becoming larger or longer or more numerous or more important; "the increase in unemployment"; "the growth of population" [syn: increment, growth] [ant: decrease, decrease]

  4. the amount by which something increases; "they proposed an increase of 15 percent in the fare" [syn: increment] [ant: decrease]

  5. the act of increasing something; "he gave me an increase in salary" [syn: step-up] [ant: decrease]

  6. v. become bigger or greater in amount; "The amount of work increased" [ant: decrease]

  7. make bigger or more; "The boss finally increased her salary"; "The university increased the number of students it admitted" [ant: decrease]

Increase (knitting)

In knitting, an increase is the creation of one or more new stitches, which may be done by various methods that create distinctive effects in the fabric.


Increase may refer to:

  • Increase (knitting)
  • Increase, Mississippi
  • A raise in goods, including:
    • Inflation, economic term for price increase

Usage examples of "increase".

A wealthy man, and one with a due regard for the value of his skin, Henderson had retired from public life and set about increasing his fortune.

The military junta in Said Ababa had dreams of increasing their own intelligence potential, but when they realized that was out of the question, they decided to see if they could make use of the Clanad.

Ponchartrain wrote to the bishop of Quebec to increase his pay out of the allowance furnished by the government to the Acadian clergy, because he, Thury, had persuaded the Abenakis to begin the war anew.

The Archon had determined that translations to Acorus and Efra had to increase significantly.

Among the surprises of the unfolding drama, as tensions increased, was the extent to which the ardent, disputatious John Adams held himself in rein, proving when need be a model of civility and self-restraint, even of patience.

He was not so concerned about a President staying long in office, Adams said, as he was about too frequent elections, which often brought out the worst in people and increased the chances of foreign influence.

But then neither did Adams write of his own increasing worry and sorrow over his son Thomas, who, having failed in the law, was drinking heavily and employed now primarily as a caretaker for his father and the farm.

Shonto must have sent for his Spiritual Advisor, the monk thought, and increased his pace.

Increases the output from that engine by a factor of two hundred, two hundred and ten, and transforms it into an aetherial energy form.

The idea is that they will pass on defects to their progeny, and that their queens and drones will similarly breed and increase the defective population until enough Africans have enough bad genes to make them selfdestructive.

Nor is the possible utility of imitation diminished, but rather increased, when we contemplate the method of a teacher like Agassiz, whose mental operations had the simplicity of genius, and in whose habits of instruction the fundamentals of a right procedure become very obvious.

Vakk had been bridged, so that access was gained to the end area of Market, where increasing steepness of the ground necessitated many steps, which culminated in a wide balcony housing a huge statue of Akha, carved from the rock.

It would lower the number of opponents facing her, increase the odds of her and Akim and Daulo getting out alive.

But as long as they subsisted, the Pagans fondly cherished the secret hope, that an auspicious revolution, a second Julian, might again restore the altars of the gods: and the earnestness with which they addressed their unavailing prayers to the throne, increased the zeal of the Christian reformers to extirpate, without mercy, the root of superstition.

Cst, increases as the square root of the product NIA, where N is the number of turns of wire in the coil, each wire carrying a current of I amps, and A is the area encircled by the wire.