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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Degrease \De*grease"\, v. t. To remove grease or fatty matter from, as wool or silk.


vb. (cx transitive English) To remove grease from something.

Usage examples of "degrease".

My parents, to their credit, allowed me the full indulgence of my hobby, although my mother often worried about germs and fire from the kerosene I used to degrease the bones.

Side 7, was degreasing the critical parts of over a dozen ele-cars when she suddenly felt a chill surge through her body.

The dozen meters or so from the degreasing machinery to the employee rec room seemed to take forever.

Liquor was a good item for trade, and vodka could also be used for cleaning wounds and degreasing weapons.

Deborah's and Fred's remains had been defleshed, degreased, photographed from every angle, the inventory of their bones completed.