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Word usage examples

The slaving expeditions are sent farther and farther afield, as the Yuye are hunted down.

From the description of these yellow-skinned Yuye we guessed they were the ancestors of Hottentot people.

In the name of the infant king, Habbakuk Lal concluded a treaty with Yuye, King of the Yuye.

However, the trickle of Yuye gold and ivory shrivelled as the accumulated stores of ages were exhausted.

He sought the right to prospect and hunt throughout the kingdom of the Yuye, and the king agreed readily, placing his mark at the foot of a leather scroll covered with characters he did not understand.

The beer was brought in great gourds, the oxen roasted whole over the pits of glowing coals, and the lithe Yuye maids danced naked, their yellow bodies glistening with oil in the sunlight.

When the Yuye regiments, 40,000 strong, swarmed down through the pass of the red cliffs, they found 5,000 men of Opet standing to meet them.

Then at the moment when the Yuye drew back exhausted, their resolve broken, Habbakuk Lal opened his ranks and let his axemen run.

The legions were composed mostly of Yuye freedmen with officers from the noble families of Opet.

On one of the slave blocks was a light-skinned girl of mixed Yuye blood, and the auctioneer spotted Huy in the crowd and called out to him.