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Usage examples of "raye".

Betty Raye, who was used to staying with strangers wherever she went, seemed resigned to the situation and followed behind them, waiting to be told where to go.

They all waited for her to go on in first, but Betty Raye did not move from the doorway.

Betty Raye had almost gone through the entire house when she opened the door to the little sewing room off the sunporch.

After dinner, without saying a word, Betty Raye went to the kitchen and stood by the sink, ready to help wash dishes.

Betty Raye seemed surprised but went straight to her room and closed the door.

Once she had seen the rest of the Oatman family, she quickly realized that Betty Raye was the best of the lot.

It gave him someone new to show off in front of The second morning he waited until he saw Betty Raye go into the kitchen for breakfast.

Betty Raye had been somewhat startled by this odd behavior but everyone else at the table just kept eating.

Mother Smith turned to speak to Betty Raye, but she had disappeared, leaving most of her breakfast uneaten.

Betty Raye never came back out of her room until it was time to go to the revival and then she slipped out the front door without anyone hearing her and stood on the sidewalk and waited to be picked up by the family.

Later, when Dorothy knocked on her door and there was no answer, she went into the room to see if Betty Raye was all right but she was gone.

Betty Raye had arrived in was on the bed and the open suitcase on the floor was empty.

The men were in clean overalls and the women all had on the same kind of homemade dresses that Minnie and Betty Raye wore.

The Party The next afternoon, on the way over to the Coke party Anna Lee was having for Betty Raye, Norma got Patsy Marie to make a solemn promise that if she felt in the least bit strange or as if she might start speaking in the unknown tongue she was to leave at once.

The party was supposed to take place from three to five but the family who drove Betty Raye out to the revival every night came and picked her up at four.