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Guye may refer to:

  • Guye District, in Tangshan, Hebei, China
  • Guye Peak, mountain in Washington State, United States
  • Denis Guye (1901–1986), English rower
  • Philippe A. Guye (1862-1922), Swiss chemist
  • Charles-Eugène Guye (1866-1942), his brother, Swiss physicist
  • La Guye, a river in Burgundy ( France)
Guye (river)

The Guye is a long river in the Saône-et-Loire département, central eastern France. It flows primarily south, before turning east-northeast near Salornay-sur-Guye and flowing into the Grosne. It is a left tributary of the Grosne into which it flows between Malay and Savigny-sur-Grosne.