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Moye is a commune in the Haute-Savoie department in the Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France.

Moye (name)

Moye is a surname and a given name. People named Moye include:

Given name:

  • Guan Moye (born 1955), pen name Mo Yan, Chinese novelist and short-story writer
  • Moye Kolodin (born 1987), German classical pianist
  • Moye W. Stephens (1907–1995), American pioneer aviator and businessman, co-founder of Northrop Aircraft, Inc.


  • Derek Moye (born 1988), American National Football League player
  • Famoudou Don Moye, (born 1946), American jazz percussionist and drummer
  • Jean-Martin Moye (1730-1793), French Catholic priest, missionary in China and founder of the Sisters of the Congregation of Divine Providence; beatified by the Catholic Church
  • Malina Moye (born 1984), American singer, songwriter, guitarist and entrepreneur
  • Michael G. Moye (born 1954), American former television writer and producer

Usage examples of "moye".

The story rests on the sergeant's authority, and there seems no reason to doubt him, or Flashman - or for that matter, Doyle's poem, which only errs (possibly deliberately) in presenting Moyes as a young Kentish country boy, when in fact he was a fairly disreputable Scot, old enough, it is said, to have been broken from the rank of colour sergeant for insubordination - which seems characteristic.