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Well may men know, it was no wight but he That kept the Hebrew people from drowning, With drye feet throughout the sea passing.

I knew not after what, I grew more wearie, faint, and drye, and so feeble, that my legges could but with great paine, vphould my distempered body.

In this sort I was houlden in an intrycate minde of doubts, at length ouercome withall kinde of greefes, my whole bodye trembling and languishinge vnder a broade and mightye Oke full of Acornes, standing in the middest of a spatious and large green meade, extending forth his thicke and leauie armes to make a coole shadowe, vnder whose bodye breathing I rested my selfe vppon the deawye hearbes, and lying vppon my left syde I drewe my breath in the freshe ayre more shortly betwixt my drye and wrinckled lips, then the weary running heart, pinched in the haunche and struck in the brest, not able any longer to beare vp his weighty head, or sustaine his body vpon his bowing knees, but dying prostrates himselfe.

Ne how the fyr was couched first with stree, And thanne with drye stokkes clovena thre, And thanne with grene wode and spicerye, And thanne with clooth of gold and with perrye, And gerlandes hangynge with ful many a flour, The mirre, thencens, with al so greet odour.

He was out-cast of mannes compaignye, With asses was his habitacioun, And eet hey as a beest in weet and drye, Til that he knew by grace and by resoun That God of hevene hath domynacioun Over every regne and every creature, And thanne hadde God of hym compassioun And hym restored his regne and his figure.

A yeerd she hadde, enclosed al aboute With stikkes, and a drye dych withoute, In which she hadde a Cok, heet Chauntecleer, In al the land of crowyng nas his peer.