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Dana Brye, the old chap who designs all those elaborate time locks and other contraptions?

THE girl was Margaret Brye, the blonde that Ross Bland had noticed on the dance floor.

When the county officials decided to dismiss the witnesses, they included Larry Chandler and Margaret Brye among those who were no longer needed.

LATE in the afternoon of the second day, Margaret Brye entered the cocktail lounge of the fashionable Hotel Clairmont.

You wanted to hear what I knew about Brye, so I told you, for five hundred bucks.

As Margaret Brye had said, Vreekill Castle could be reached by a road.

That one room served Dana Brye as workshop, eating place, living quarters, and office.

Turning from the workbench, Brye went to the wall opposite the big safe.

His head tilted, his lips holding a half smile, Brye worked the combination and drew the big door slightly open.

As Brye sat down, Bland put away his gun and remained standing while he spoke.

But you know as well as I do, Brye, that you were deep in the business.

His hard punches drove Brye back, until the older man reeled away, his face buried in his arms.

Striking the big door by the lower stairs, Brye slumped to the uppermost steps.

In fact, Brye wasted no more than a brief glance upon the dead form that was half covered by rubbish.

Fortunately, Brye had not bothered to twist the dial to lock the combination.