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Boye (surname)

Boye is a Danish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Anker Boye (born 1950), Danish politician
  • Erik Boye (born 1964), Danish footballer
  • Jan Boye (born 1962), Danish politician
  • John Boye (born 1987), Ghanaian footballer
  • Hans Jørgen Boye (born 1942), Dutch Olympic rower
  • Karin Boye (1900–1941), Swedish poet and novelist
  • Martin Hans Boyè (1812–1907), Danish-American chemist
  • Mame Madior Boye (born 1940), former Prime Minister of Senegal
  • Torben Boye (born 1966), Danish former professional footballer

Boye may refer to:

  • Boye (surname)
  • Boye County, in Hebei, China
  • Boye (band), the Serbian and former Yugoslav alternative rock band
  • Boye (dog), the poodle dog belonging to Prince Rupert of the Rhine
  • Boye Brogeland (born 1973), Norwegian international bridge player
Boye (dog)

The dogBoye (died 2 July 1644 at the battle of Marston Moor), also Boy, was a celebrated and iconic white hunting poodle belonging to Prince Rupert of the Rhine in the 17th century. Puritan or Roundhead propagandists alleged that the dog was "endowed" with magical powers.

Boye (band)

Boye (a pun for Boje, trans. Colors) were a Serbian new wave and later alternative rock band from Novi Sad. Until the late 1980s Boye were an all-female band, but later lineups also featured male members.

Usage examples of "boye".

In the fore part of which, betwixt the seuen pilastrels, there were appointed little slender Pillers wrought about with leaues, copies, heades with haire like leaues, boyes their hippes and legges proportioned into brawnches, Birdes and copies, and vesselles full of flowers, with other woonderfull inuentions and deuises, from the top to the bottome of the Anaglyph, as if they had grown out of the foundation, making and diuiding in sunder the spaces, their chapters were wrought of a fashion answerable to the rest.

Vpon the other Anaglyph, I did behold a merrie and pleasant maiesticall personage, like a yoong fat boye, crowned with two folding serpents, one white, and the other blacke, tied into a knot.

While living with Urquhart, Boyes has three attacks of illness, attributed by his doctor to gastritis, but equally consistent with arsenical poisoning.

The head of the Dolphine hauyng a Syme, whereof the one part turned towardes the Boye, and the other bent against the vessell with an open gaping, and endyng in the head of a Storke, with her beake against the open mouth of a Monster, lying with his face vpwarde, and certaine Whorelles or Beades rysing vp betwixt his mouth and her beake.

And one of them being of more courage, and of greater stature than the rest, spake unto his fellows and sayd, Tush you are but boyes, take mens hearts unto you, and let us enter into every part of the house, and such as we find asleep let us kill, and so by that meanes we shall escape without danger.

I thought those resorts looked new--Caliente, Boyes Hot Springs, El Verano, and all along the line.

There Atin found Cymochles soiourning,To serue his Lemans loue: for he, by kind,Was giuen all to lust and loose liuing,When euer his fiers hands he free mote find:And now he has pourd out his idle mindIn daintie delices, and lauish ioyes,Hauing his warlike weapons cast behind,And flowes in pleasures, and vaine pleasing toyes,Mingled emongst loose Ladies and lasciuious boyes.

You know quite well the difference between right and wrong in such matters, and you may think that, if Harriet Vane had not become to a certain extent corrupted by the unwholesome influences among which she lived, she would have shown a truer heroism by dismissing Philip Boyes from her society.

According to Miss Marriott, with whom Harriet Vane took refuge after the separation, the prisoner steadily refused to give any information on the subject, saying only that she had been painfully deceived by Boyes and never wished to hear his name spoken again.

According to her statement — and on this point her evidence is confirmed by a letter which Philip Boyes wrote to his father — Boyes did at length offer her legal marriage, and this was the cause of the quarrel.

She says — and you must try to put yourselves in her place and understand her point of view if you can — that she was angry with Boyes because, after persuading her against her will to adopt his principles of conduct, he then renounced those principles and so, as she says, ‘made a fool of her.

Although living in the same quarter of London, Boyes and the accused do not seem to have met very often after the separation.

Three sets of coincidences — as you may perhaps think them to be — Harriet Vane and Philip Boyes meet ‘towards the end of March,’ and he has an attack of gastritis on March 31st.

Vaughan came back to town together on the evening of the 19th, and there would seem to be no doubt at all that Boyes was then in the best of health.

At 11 o’clock Boyes had a Guinness, observing that, according to the advertisements it was ‘Good for you.