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Kaye may refer to:

  • Kaye (given name)
  • Kaye (surname)
  • Kayes, city in Mali, sometimes also spelled Kaye.
  • the ICAO code for Moore Army Airfield
  • KAYE-FM, a radio station (90.7 FM) licensed to Tonkawa, Oklahoma, United States
Kaye (surname)

Kaye is a surname, and may refer to:

Kaye (given name)

Kaye is a feminine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Kaye Abad, Filipino-American actress
  • Kaye Adams (presenter), British television presenter
  • Kaye Ballard, actress who has appeared on Broadway and on television
  • Kaye Bell, American jockey
  • Kaye Callorina, Russian Microbiologist
  • Kaye Coppoolse, Dutch footballer
  • Kaye Dacus, American author
  • Kaye Darveniza, Australian politician
  • Kaye Don,Irish speedboat racer
  • Kaye Elhardt, American actress
  • Kaye Forster, British weather presenter
  • Kaye Gibbons, American author
  • Kaye Hall, American competition swimmer
  • Kaye Kory, American politician
  • Kaye Sargent, Canadian political activist
  • Kaye Stevens, American actress and singer
  • Kaye Umansky, British children's author and poet
  • Kaye Webb, British journalist and publisher
  • Kaye Wragg, British actress

Usage examples of "kaye".

God man, the Biter is my ship, Lieutenant Kaye is my commander, what should I say to you?

The short drop downriver to the loading wharf at Woolwich passed off uneventfully, and Lieutenant Kaye by what miracle no one knew was there before them, and had bespoke a berth and loaders, even a launch to help tow and nudge the Biter in, all sail doused beforehand, no need for kedges, all smart and shipshape enough for the greatest stickler in the land.

But when Kaye had suggested that he might perform a simple burial there and then, with aid from the Biter men, the old capta.

Behind it all, and brooding, was the question of the Biter and Lieutenant Kaye.

Lieutenant Kaye, put in the picture, was prepared to play a part, providing the Biter and a naval force to disrupt a landing and possibly apprehend some of the leading men.

Lieutenant Kaye, instead of piling on, ordered Gunning quietly to shorten sail, and made as if to bring Biter to and snug her for the night.

Naturally, with an action close to hand, Lieutenant Kaye stayed in command of Biter, with hands enough to man the guns and the boatswain to control them.

Kaye noticed the slight flinch when Ethine touched him and wondered whether his reaction had hurt her.

The confrontation with the homeward-bounders, when it finally occurred, had all the makings of a Navy knockabout, hall marked Richard Kaye.

Kaye had been through seven varieties of NMR, PET, and computerized tomography scans.

Later, while Will stood working on the foredeck with the men, Kaye called Sam Holt across to his point high to windward, and quizzed him harder.

Kaye watched him, his forearms and chest and the tops of his shoulders covered with coarse hair, and her gaze dropped to his genitals hanging at postcoital parade rest, waving with the nervous swing of his arms.

The honoured old initials: Eric Faulkner in letter to author,W Kaye Lamb quoted in Peter Easter Sunday, 1988.

Kaye had told him, years ago, that scientists and artists shared similar origins for creative thinking—.

Kaye peered at them through the window panes of the lobby and waited for the innkeeper to bring out an antiquated black dial phone and plug it into the jack by the front desk.