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Etymology 1 vb. (obsolete form of weigh English) Etymology 2

n. (obsolete form of way English)


WEYE (104.3 FM, "Eagle 104.3") is a radio station licensed to serve Surgoinsville, Tennessee, USA. The station is owned by Positive Alternative Radio, Inc. It broadcasts a classic country format.

The station was assigned the WEYE call letters by the Federal Communications Commission on July 16, 1990.

Usage examples of "weye".

Juvenal seith of poverte myrily, `The povre man, whan he goth by the weye, Bifore the theves he may synge and pleye.

Thou knowest eek of olde al my plesaunce, Thogh thyn array be badde and yvel biseye, Do thou thy devoir at the leeste weye.

To muchel folk we doon illusioun, And borwe gold, be it a pound or two, Or ten, or twelve, or manye sommes mo, And make hem wenen at the leeste weye That of a pound we koude make tweye.

Ye goon to Caunterbury, God yow speede- The blisful martir quite yow youre meede- And wel I woot, as ye goon by the weye, Ye shapen yow to talen and to pleye, For trewely, confort ne myrthe is noon To ride by the weye doumb as stoon, And therfore wol I maken yow disport, As I seyde erst, and doon yow som confort.

The folk hir folwe, wepynge in hir weye, And Fortune ay they cursen, as they goon.