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Taye is a male given name of Nigerian and Ethiopian origin that may refer to:

  • Taye Babalola (born 1991), Nigerian footballer playing in Israel
  • Taye Biddle (born 1983), American football wide receiver
  • TayĆ©-Brook Zerihoun (born 1942), Ethiopian United Nations official
  • Taye Diggs (born 1971), American theatre, film and television actor
  • Taye Taiwo (born 1985), Nigerian footballer playing in Turkey
  • Peter Taiye Oladotun (born 1985), Nigerian footballer playing in Malta
  • Moges Taye (born 1973), Ethiopian marathon runner
  • Yemenashu Taye (born 1979), Ethiopian long-distance runner

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Usage examples of "taye".

According to Mackenzie, Benton hung out and partied with Taye and the other suspects.

None rang a bell until Savannah bragged about having been to the home of hip-hop music mogul Taye Rollins at least twice.

But two dances later, Taye came back to get her for a slow dance with a deep, grinding beat.

No matter what the relationship, it was obvious that Taye was king here in the group.

Mackenzie went home, Vanessa sat on the couch thinking about Taye Rollins and the Street Killers.

She planned on using the hip-hop concert that night featuring Hot T, Nelly, and the ChiTown 7, to get in with Taye Rollins.

If things went as she hoped, he would help her get enough evidence to cross Taye Rollins off the DEA list of suspects.

Jerrell Vaughn, the female executive assistant, and one of the rappers Taye was sponsoring.

She wanted much more, and it scared her because she might well end up helping to put Taye Rollins away for a very long time.

And then she would see what she could discover about Taye and any connections he might have to the drug gang, and the two dead models.

Getting in with Taye on a friendly basis was good for the assignment, but getting in deep would make things worse.

Jerrell told Taye that he and Mila were on their way to the kitchen to get ice for her face.

Details were missing, but no way could she discount the connection among Taye, Jerrell and Carouthers.

Mackenzie agreed that Taye, Jerrell and Carouthers were the ones to focus on.

Following Taye to the cockpit, she quickly discovered that there was no crew on board.