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n. 1 (obsolete spelling of weye English) 2 (obsolete spelling of way English)


WAYE (1220 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a Regional Mexican format. Licensed to Birmingham, Alabama, USA, the station serves the Birmingham market. The station is currently owned by Dulce and Maria Rivera, through licensee Rivera Communications, LLC, and features programing from Westwood One.

The station signed on in 1949 using the call letters WEDR. The original president of the company that owned the station was J.L. Doss, who previously had owned WJLD, another Birmingham station. For much of the station's early history, it broadcast only during daytime hours. At least by 1960, the station changed its call letters to WEZB, taking the programming and intellectual property from another station in the Birmingham market.

In 1963 the station was sold and changed its call letters to WAQY and was known on the air as "Wacky 1220". It changed formats, becoming a Top 40 station and putting it in competition against three other stations that were established in the format: WSGN, WVOK, and WYDE. The station gained national notoriety by announcing a boycott of records by The Beatles after John Lennon made his comments that the Fab Four was more popular than Jesus Christ, but it was never a serious competitor to any of the more established Top 40 stations in the market. In 1970 the station dropped Top 40 music for country music, and in 1971 they adopted a format described as "for women only".

In 1972, the station changed its call letters to WBUL, and changed formats to become a soul music station known on the air as 1220 the Bull. This new format put it in competition against AM stations WENN and WJLD, as well as WENN-FM. The station retained this format for the remainder of the 1970s. In 1983 the station changed formats to Big Band music and standards, and changed its call letters to WTWG and was known as Stardust 1220.

The station was assigned the WAYE call letters by the Federal Communications Commission on October 16, 1984, and changed its format to MOR (middle-of-the-road) gospel music as "Way 1220 AM". The format was later changed to black gospel in 1987 upon the station's sale to Willis Broadcasting.

WAYE went silent in July 2010, but resumed broadcasting in early 2012. In August 2013, the station dropped its Black gospel format and became a Regional Mexican music station. In May 2014 the station began broadcasting on FM translator W252BE (98.3 FM), licensed to the Birmingham suburb of Tarrant.

Usage examples of "waye".

Etoff herself, nor no other boddi can blam mee for exceptin such a thing when it fals in mi waye.

And because that I might be seene, he brought me through many blind wayes and lanes to his house, where he went about to comfort me, beeing sad and yet fearfull, with gentle entreaty of talke.

When they were brought up to the mountain, they made their wayes homeward to their owne houses, and murmured with envy that they bare against Psyches, saying, behold cruell and contrary fortune, behold how we, borne all of one Parent, have divers destinies : but especially we that are the elder two bee married to strange husbands, made as handmaidens, and as it were banished from our Countrey and friends.

Nigh his wits end then woxe th'amazed knight,And thought his labour lost and trauell vaine,Against this lifelesse shadow so to fight:Yet life he saw, and felt his mightie maine,That whiles he marueild still, did still him paine:For thy he gan some other wayes aduize,How to take life from that dead-liuing swaine,Whom still he marked freshly to arizeFrom th'earth, & from her wombe new spirits to reprize.

The other fiue, fiue sundry wayes he set,Against the fiue great Bulwarkes of that pile,And vnto each a Bulwarke did arret,T'assayle with open force or hidden guile,In hope thereof to win victorious spoile.

Wherein his weaker wandring steps to guide,An auncient matrone she to her does call,Whose sober lookes her wisedome well descride:Her name was Mercie, well knowne ouer all,To be both gratious, and eke liberall:To whom the carefull charge of him she gaue,To lead aright, that he should neuer fallIn all his wayes through this wide worldes waue,That Mercy in the end his righteous soule might saue.

This subtil clerk swich routhe had of this man, That nyght and day he spedde hym that he kan To wayten a tyme of his conclusioun, This is to seye, to maken illusioun By swich an apparence or jogelrye- I ne kan no termes of astrologye- That she and every wight sholde wene and seye That of Britaigne the rokkes were aweye, Or ellis they were sonken under grounde.

Vnlucky Squire (said Guyon) sith thou hastFalne into mischiefe through intemperaunce,Henceforth take heede of that thou now hast past,And guide thy wayes with warie gouernaunce,Least worse betide thee by some later chaunce.

But all the liquour, which was fowle and wast,Not good nor seruiceable else for ought,They in another great round vessell plast,Till by a conduit pipe it thence were brought:And all the rest, that noyous was, and nought,By secret wayes, that none might it espy,Was close conuaid, and to the back-gate brought,That cleped was Port Esquiline, wherebyIt was auoided quite, and throwne out priuily.

But past awhile, when she fit season sawTo leaue that desert mansion, she castIn secret wize her selfe thence to withdraw,For feare of mischiefe, which she did forecastMight by the witch or by her sonne compast:Her wearie Palfrey closely, as she might,Now well recouered after long repast,In his proud furnitures she freshly dight,His late miswandred wayes now to remeasure right.

When this was over they went their wayes, and the doores closed fast, the posts stood in their old places, and the lockes and bolts were shut againe.

And though sometimes a Civill warre, may be differred, by such wayes as that, yet the danger growes still the greater, and the Publique ruine more assured.