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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aby \A*by"\, Abye \A*bye"\, v. t. & i. [imp. & p. p. Abought.] [AS. [=a]bycgan to pay for; pref. [=a]- (cf. Goth. us-, Ger. er-, orig. meaning out) + bycgan to buy. See Buy, and cf. Abide.]

  1. To pay for; to suffer for; to atone for; to make amends for; to give satisfaction. [Obs.]

    Syn: expiate

    Lest to thy peril thou aby it dear.

  2. To endure; to abide. [Obs.]

    But nought that wanteth rest can long aby.


vb. (alternative spelling of aby English)

  1. v. make amends for; "expiate one's sins" [syn: expiate, abye, atone]

  2. [also: abye, abought]


v. make amends for; "expiate one's sins" [syn: expiate, aby, atone]


See aby

Usage examples of "abye".

Have heer my trouthe, as thou art his espye, Telle where he is, or thou shalt it abye, By God and by the hooly sacrament, For soothly thou art oon of his assent To sleen us yonge folk, thou false theef?