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Gaye is a commune in the Marne department in north-eastern France.

Gaye (disambiguation)

Gaye is a commune of the Marne département in France.

Gaye may also refer to:

Usage examples of "gaye".

Before he was fully aware of it, Teldin was walking beside Gaye as she led the way through the Greater Market.

Well, he reasoned, Gaye was charming, but she still seemed too young for anything other than polite company.

Afterward, he and Gaye had wandered through the Burrows, the surface-and-tunnel community of the local halflings, then through orderly Giff-Town, with its quaint and long-winded signs.

The details were jumbled up, but Gaye had apparently been roaming on her own for ten years or more.

Teldin, slowing abruptly and staring at Gaye with the beginnings of astonishment and horror.

The young girl looked uncomfortably like Gaye in certain respects, but she was interested only in explaining how the bath pump worked, where he could find the dining hall, and where the sanitary facilities were.

At the top of the stairs, Gaye heard the echo of a door slamming downstairs somewhere, then heavy footsteps coming rapidly up the steps toward her.

With the light behind her now, Gaye could see that her attacker had a dull yellow-orange face with short tusks sticking up over its upper lip, and wore black, spike-studded armor, well oiled.

Teldin instinctively ducked and started to run, crouching over Gaye to shield her.

Teldin grabbed for two pistols himself, torn between watching Gaye and fighting.

As one, Teldin, Aelfred, Sylvie, Gaye, and Gomja paused, exchanging glances.

He found out a few minutes later that Gaye had gone rearward and managed to lock herself in the hydro-dynamic pumping station with Ruff and Widget, the giant hamsters, and was refusing to let any gnome near them.

He looked back at Gaye, who was wearing a remarkably low-cut red dress with a skirt made of cloth strips.

Recognizing the danger, Teldin instantly threw himself over Gaye, knocking her down with a thud and flattening her against the black, metal-plated deck.

He kept his cloak positioned above Gaye as she rolled over on her side, still trying to get her breath.