How to Search for Rhymes

You just need to enter the word you are looking for a rhyme in the field. In order to find a more original version you can resort to fuzzy search. Practically in no time you will be provided with a list of rhyming words according to your request. They will be presented in blocks depending on the number of letters.

Rhymes for word manufactures

abamperes accipitres acipenseres acridotheres adres adventures aeciospores affaires aide-memoires aires albacares alferes anseres antares antimeres anywheres apikores aquacultures ares autres auxospores awe-inspires ayres barres belles-lettres benares beres bilgres bores bowpres brachypteres bures bylbres camestres capres cares cease-fires ceasefires ceres chagres chaussures chores cipres clamatores co-fires colures conirostres cores cres ctenophores cubatures cultirostres curares cures cursores curvirostres cy-pres cypres delawares dentirostres dentures desires dicres dosseperes dosze-peres douseperes dugeperes dussiperes dutchpeeres e-brochures eagres echinoderes eires elaphures elsewheres enteres erasures erres escargatoires euchres eupleres everywheres fiacres figures fires fissirostres flandres flores flures fores fossores fractures fucivores furres futures gemitores gemmipares gentres gerres glires grallatores gres haeres halteres hares harres he-whores helicteres hemispheres heres herpetotheres hi-res hires housewares humaniores hyalomeres hypochondres ignipunctures imperes incres insectivores insessores interpres intres ires j2res jacares jobcentres jobshares jugulares kamares keres lambres lamellirostres lares lateres latirostres lemures lettres levirostres liqueres lo-res londres longirostres lycoures lykeres macrochires macropteres maistres mares marres mastres masures matres meagres measures mestres metameres mimbres mores morres mucivores murdres mures myxogasteres myxogastres nacres nares natatores nearshores no-res nonentres nores notoedres noumbres nowheres obdures odometres oeuvres ogres oilionaires oncideres ores orferes otherwheres oupires oures ovenwares owres ozonospheres pachycurares padres palatonares pares passeres peres petioliventres phacocheres phaeospores phagophores piastres pictures pinnotheres pleasures pleuroderes pneumatophores populares postnares praenares praetores prehalteres prenares pres pressirostres pressures proceres psammoseres pseudohalteres pterophores pures pycnidiospores pynsores pyres quackmires radres raptatores raptores rasores re-entres recuperatores regulares res reveres rhabdomeres sawndres scansores scares scores semimanufactures sentires seres serrirostres sessiliventres sevres shares shores silures sires slackwires small-wares solenogastres somewheres sores spares squares steres stores strepitores strisores subclamatores sures sustres sycamores sycomores t-squares tablatures tachyeres tares tarres tenebres tenuirostres teres terogatores terres tetrameres theres tires togidres towres trappures tres triangulares tsores tubinares tzores ulnares unawares unbewares uniwares unwares ures vaires veneres vergres veveres vires vivres wares wheres wires wofares xeres yacares yeares yoctoamperes yoctolitres yoctometres yores ypres zaffres zaires zillionaires zores