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n. (plural of sere English)

Usage examples of "seres".

No one had heard of Los Seres, but they knew the area and gave what help they could.

Los Seres shortly before the Feast Day of Sant-Miquel, at the end of September, just as the land was turning to gold.

Fearing for Bertrande and Harif, Alais felt they could no longer stay in Los Seres, so Sajhe offered his service and they joined the exodus to Montsegur.

And Alais knew, although he had never said so, that only thoughts of Los Seres and Bertrande gave him the strength to keep going.

Alice accepted what she had instinctively known from the moment she had walked into Los Seres and seen him standing in the doorway of the little stone house in the folds of the mountain.

She and that slave had no language in common, except for basic commands and responses, and the Seres girl seemed indisposed to affability, anyway.