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a. high-resolution

Usage examples of "hi-res".

For several years, Ritser had thought that when the Spiders finally invented hi-res video, he would get a good look.

Nowadays, about five percent of all Spider military comm was this extremely hi-res stuff that Trixia Bonsol called “videomancy.

The feed from the camera would be scanned into several hundred hi-res images that together would make up the Lev­ine figure that-would be taking up residence on Scopes’s vir­tual island.

No provision for hi-res display, except for the spectacle of the universe itself.

The command bridge was optimized for flatscreen viewing, the conference table folded out like a jackknife, all seats facing the hi-res screen.

Twelve minutes since the last time Maharal passed near a hi-res publicam, allowing a good reality check.