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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Morphon \Mor"phon\, n. [Gr. ?, p. pr. of ? to form.] (Biol.) A morphological individual, characterized by definiteness of form, in distinction from bion, a physiological individual. See Tectology. --Haeckel. Note: Of morphons there are six orders or categories:

  1. Plastids or elementary organisms.

  2. Organs, homoplastic or heteroplastic.

  3. Antimeres (opposite or symmetrical or homotypic parts).

  4. Metameres (successive or homodynamous parts).

  5. Person[ae] (shoots or buds of plants, individuals in the narrowest sense among the higher animals).

  6. Corms (stocks or colonies). For orders 2, 3, and 4 the term idorgan has been recently substituted. See Idorgan.


n. (plural of metamere English)