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n. (abbreviation of presentation English)


PRES can be short for:

  • Pôle de recherche et d'enseignement supérieur
  • Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome

Usage examples of "pres".

Faith served Pres his dinner, they had no other opportunity to engage in a real conversation.

There was no sign of the painting, and the Shelbys assumed Pres had taken it with him.

His chest heaving, Pres stared at her from eyes glittering with the light of passion.

But it was the shadowy, disreputable-looking Pres who stole her breath with his murmured words and heated kisses.

Lying beside Pres, within the protective curve of his arm, talking, learning about him, feeling his warmth, breathing in the intoxicatingly masculine scent of him, while never knowing him in the ultimate, intimate sense, was for Faith unmitigated torture.

Her one brief affair had been conducted entirely under cover, so to speak, and the unvarnished sight of Pres brought her to an abrupt, breathless halt.

Revealing the depths of urgency she herself was feeling, Pres crushed her mouth beneath his.

Surging up and over her, Pres took possession of her body, claiming her, heart and soul, as his own.

And the knowledge that Pres was out there, enduring the cold and wet, playing his dangerous game of aristocratic dandy and shadowy scout, terrified her.

Faith demurred, adamant in her determination to be there if and when Pres put in an appearance.

Faith jumped every time the door opened during the day or her window rattled during the night, praying that when she turned she would see Pres standing there, smiling.

Faith filled the daylight hours with work, cleaning her bedroom and the rooms on the first floor, in a fruitless effort to hold her increasing concern for Pres at bay.

Even if she should suddenly be swept back into her own time, Faith knew she would continue to love Pres, even as she mourned him.

After the night they had shared, the love they had sworn for each other, Pres had felt certain she would return within moments of her emotional outburst.

And Medical can give Pres a shot to get him through the night, but what the hell are we going to do tomorrow?