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n. (plural of ayre English)

Ayres (sports company)

Founded in the year of 1810, Edward Ayres manufactured a range of sporting equipment in over 125 years of its existence.

Most famous was it quality manufacturing of equipment for archery, in particular the bow (or longbow as it is more commonly known). Before man made fibres were the standard for which bows are made today, Ayres manufactured bows principally from Yew ( Taxus baccata) - and made them to the standard measurements of the time - 6 ft for men and 51/2 ft for ladies.

Ayres became part of the Slazengers Sykes Gradidge and Ayres group of companies in the early/mid part of the 20th century.

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Ayres may refer to:

Ayres (album)

Ayres is Keith Kenniff's third album under his Helios moniker. This is the only Helios album that contains vocals. There is also a remastered, instrumental version of "Ayres".

Ayres (surname)

Ayres is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Agnes Ayres (1898–1940), American silent film actor
  • Alice Ayres (1859–1885), honored for rescuing of her three nieces from a burning building at the cost of her own life
  • Anne Ayres (1816–1886), American Episcopalian nun
  • Benjamin Ayres (born 1977) an actor, director, photographer
  • Benjamin Ayres (instrument maker) (died c. 1775), an English instrument maker
  • Bill Ayres, American radio talk show host, co-founder and executive director of World Hunger Year
  • Caroline Ayres, basketball player
  • Christopher Ayres (born 1965), American voice actor
  • Gary Ayres (born 1960), Australian rules footballer and coach
  • Gillian Ayres (born 1930), British painter
  • Greg Ayres (born 1968), American voice actor
  • H. Welborn Ayres (1900-1985), American judge
  • Ian Ayres (born 1959), American professor at Yale Law School and Yale School of Management
  • Ian Ayres (filmmaker), American filmmaker
  • João Maria Correia Ayres de Campos, 1st Count of Ameal (1847–1920), Portuguese humanist, politician and art-collector
  • José Márcio Ayres (1954–2003), Brazilian primatologist and conservationist
  • Leonard Porter Ayres (1879–1946), American statistician
  • Lew Ayres (1908–1996), American actor
  • Lewis Ayres, lay Catholic theologian
  • Pam Ayres (born 1947), British writer of humorous poetry
  • Philip Ayres (poet) (1638–1712), English poet
  • Philip Burnard Ayres, British physician and botanist
  • Richard Ayres (born 1965), British composer
  • Robert Ayres (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Romeyn B. Ayres (1825–1888), Union general in the American Civil War
  • Rosalind Ayres (born 1946), British actress
  • Thomas Ayres (1816–1858), artist who first drew Yosemite
  • Thomas Ayres (1828–1913), South African ornithologist
  • Vernon Ayres (born 1909), Canadian ice hockey player
  • William Orville Ayres (1817–1887), American physician and ichthyologist

Usage examples of "ayres".

In the latter case we shall carry him off at once, but in the event of the former, after we have reconnoitered the situation, we must go back to the DUNCAN on the eastern coast and get to Buenos Ayres, where we can soon organize a detachment of men, with Major McNabbs at their head, strong enough to tackle all the Indians in the Argentine provinces.

Numerous expeditions were formerly made there from Buenos Ayres, to collect the salt deposited on its banks, as the waters contain great quantities of chloride of sodium.

The district of Tandil, to which it has given its name, includes all the south of the Province of Buenos Ayres, and terminates in a river which conveys north all the RIOS that take their rise on its slopes.

For instance, I have read somewhere, that in 1793, in this very province of Buenos Ayres, lightning struck thirty-seven times during one single storm.

Buenos Ayres, of Spanish descent, and had died while the child was in his cradle.