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n. (plural of hemisphere English)

Hemispheres (Rush album)

Hemispheres is the sixth studio album by Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1978. The album was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales and mixed at Trident Studios in London. It was the last of two albums they would record in the United Kingdom before returning to their homes in Canada.

Hemispheres (TV series)

Hemispheres was a news and current affairs program, co-produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Its main focus was foreign events and international issues, using ABC and CBC correspondents from around the world.

It aired on the Australia Network and CBC Newsworld channels, as well as on ABC2 in Australia, but not on the main free-to-air ABC and CBC channels.

It was presented by CBC News anchor Ian Hanomansing from Vancouver, and ABC News presenter Felicity Davey in Sydney.

Hemispheres (magazine)

Hemispheres is the inflight magazine for United Airlines. The magazine is circulated monthly and reaches 139 million passengers annually. The magazine was formerly headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. Its current headquarters is in New York City.

Hemispheres was established in 1992. Its editorial coverage includes its signature ‘3 Perfect Days’ travel piece, and the latest news in business, travel, fashion, and culture. The magazine reaches a highly influential business and leisure traveller audience, with a medium household income of $128,000, spending and profession.

In 2009, Ink was appointed as the new publisher for United Hemispheres. Ink’s first issue of Hemispheres was placed on all United Airlines and United Airlines Express flights on March 1, 2009.

Hemispheres (Lily Afshar album)

Hemispheres is the fourth studio album by the classical guitarist Lily Afshar, released in 2006 through Archer Records.

Hemispheres (Doseone album)

Hemispheres is the first solo album by American hip hop artist Doseone, released in 1998.

Usage examples of "hemispheres".

Now that they were being raised, it was clear that this barrier had helped negate the repulsive force, for the hemispheres simply could not be brought within fifty feet of each other.

Night Crew, one of the hemispheres had been dragged up the spiral ramp and over the lip of the pit.

The lightning was striking even more frequently than before, and now both hemispheres were exposed, Nick could see a pattern.

He dreamed of the two silver hemispheres, and his Lightning Farm that was being set up across the Wall.

He saw the hemispheres absorbing power from a thousand lightning strikes and, as they drew power, overcoming the force that kept them apart.

Someone must have found a way to join the hemispheres, though I cannot guess how, and Where they are taking them.

When the hemispheres are in Ancelstierre, I will be able to prove my theories, with proper instruments and proper help.

That seemed to be the weakest point of his belief, and the most dangerous, for bringing the hemispheres together would make whatever was trapped inside them whole.

He seemed relieved to be moving away from the subject of bringing the hemispheres together.

She had no idea what she could do if the hemispheres were taken out of the Old Kingdom.

The thing inside him was clearly intent on the approaching barges and the hemispheres that held its greater self.

Do not speak it unless you must, for even the name has power, now that the silver hemispheres have been brought out under the sky.

Broken in two, each half bound within a silver hemisphere, and those hemispheres secured with seven bonds and buried deep beneath the earth.

Their only real chance was to stop him and the hemispheres at the Wall.

I think we should work on stopping the hemispheres before they can cross the Wall.