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Peres is a Portuguese and Galician surname. Originally a patronymic, meaning Son of Pedro or Son of Pero , it has another version: Pires. Its Spanish equivalent is Pérez. Also, exist the spelling in the Gascon that is Peresse or Perese which means the Son of Pedro (Peter). It has a second meaning that is pear tree. Variants: Periz, Perizena. It is also a surname in Hungarian , it means litigant ("peres fél"). In Hebrew (  ), it is the name of the bird species " Gypaetus barbatus"

People with the surname Peres include:

  • Adans Lopez Peres, Portuguese second husband of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco
  • Asher Peres, Israeli physicist
  • Bernardo Peres da Silva, the only native governor of Portuguese India
  • Cristiana Peres, Brazilian actress
  • Fernão Peres de Trava, Galician medieval nobleman
  • Javier Peres, American art dealer
  • Jean-Baptiste Pérès, French physicist
  • Marinho Peres, Brazilian footballer
  • Paio Peres Correia, Portuguese medieval nobleman
  • Peres De Oliveira, Brazilian footballer
  • Shimon Peres, Israeli politician (Hebraized from Szymon Perski)
  • Valdir Peres, Brazilian footballer
  • Vimara Peres, Galician medieval count and first Count of Portucale

Usage examples of "peres".

Commander Peres controlled the remote signal, although it would also go off automatically if the Zeus was blown up.

But her status on board ship was so anomalous that she and Peres had avoided discussing it.

That might be the artifact, but neither Syree nor Peres really believed it.

Regardez cette fontaine, cet hopital, ce marche que les peres ont legues a leurs fils.

Grandier pushed the paper gently away, shaking his head in sign of refusal, whereupon de Laubardemont left the room in a fury, and ordered Peres Tranquille and Claude to be admitted, they being the confessors he had chosen for Urbain.

Now the youthful King, Peres, occupied the center of the high table, flanked by his mother and grandmother.

From this spot, the King himself, young Peres, would award the prizes.

Ysa smiled and nodded to the people, but Rannore seemed more thoughtful, even worried, as if King Peres might be in danger.

She told herself that the movement she had felt on her fingers at the moment the Sorceress stood revealed and the young King Peres had chosen to assert his authority, had been nothing but a nervous twitching of her own.

Not since the coronation of the infant King Peres had there been such an excuse for a celebration.

The young King, Peres, is still a stripling, but he seems fair to be a good-enough ruler when his time truly comes.

I command it by authority of King Peres, Lord Royance of Grattenbor, and all of the land of Rendel!

Dowager Ysa, First Priestess of Santize, the premier lady of Rendel, stood beside her grandson, King Peres, as the service for Count Harous droned on.

Here at specified hours she allowed those to come who would plea for her to intervene with King Peres, or for the favors that only she could bestow.

My mother and father are both away fighting in the North, and King Peres sent for me to come here.