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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"anxieties," late Old English, from care (n.).


n. (plural of care English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: care)


The Cares is a river in Northern Spain that flows through the autonomous communities of Asturias and León until it joins the Deva River and flows into the Atlantic Ocean at the Bay of Biscay. It forms the Tina Mayor estuary, the natural border between Asturias and Cantabria.

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The road by the house is the starting point for the "Ruta del Cares":


The Cares is known because of the narrow and spectacular canyon it forms when passing the Picos de Europa. A trekking path, " Ruta del Cares", runs along the river. The stream is also known for the quality of its salmon.

The Cares river is joined by de Deva river. Many companies rent kayaks to descend both rivers. Kayaking is popular here during the summer.

Cares (disambiguation)

Cares or CARES may refer to:

  • Cares, a river in Spain.
  • Cares (surname), a surname.
  • Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES), a cardiac arrest registry sponsored by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Emory University.
  • Worries.

Usage examples of "cares".

Young Joyse had insisted to the Tor-who was himself still young enough to be audacious-that the only hope for his people, and for all Mordant, was a union of the Cares against both Alend and Cadwal.

Then the three Cares turned their attention to Armigite, and to Termigan.

Domne fell to them almost without effort-it has always been the least of the Cares, though the Demesne is smaller.

You can imagine, I am sure, that all the Cares swore allegiance to King Joyse, but did not all keep their oaths, until he taught them to do so.

Angry because they are compelled to defend their own without assistance from King Joyse, some of the Cares begin to mutter against him.

After only a moment, the scene became unmistakable: it was the intersection outside Orison, where the roads from the Cares came together.

Therefore the Perdon promised that he will summon all the lords of the Cares to Orison-with the exception of the Domne, of course, who is too great a friend of the King's-so that they can try to determine an answer to their common need.

If we ally ourselves with the lords of the Cares, explaining to them what we propose for Mordant, we will not risk their opposition to our champion.

The lords of the Cares will come to Orison openly, as befits their station.

For centuries, the Cares produced nothing grander than wheat, grapes and cattle-and farmers to tend them.

All the villages of the Demesne, and all the Cares of Mordant, traded with Orison.

As a result, all the Cares had come a long way from the fierce poverty which had marked the beginning of King Joyse's reign.

Doubtless'-he allowed himself a hint of sarcasm-'he means to take advantage of your weakness-I mean your need-to crush your kingship, enslave the Cares, and capture all Imagery for himself.

King Joyse was unwilling to meet with the lords of the Cares: he was unwilling even to receive a message from his wife.

The door wasn't guarded: apparently, the lords of the Cares still believed they were safe in Orison.