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n. (plural of adventure English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: adventure)

Adventures (album)

Adventures is the eighth studio album by Japanese Jazz fusion band T-Square, who was then known as The Square. It was released on April 1, 1984.

Adventures (band)

Adventures is an American rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The band was formed in 2012 by three members of the hardcore punk band Code Orange – Joe Goldman, Reba Meyers and Jami Morgan – with their friends Kimi Hanauer and Dominic Landolina. They were initially signed to No Sleep Records, but have since signed to Run for Cover Records. Adventures have released four EPs, followed in 2015 by a studio album, Supersonic Home.

Adventures (disambiguation)

An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience.

Adventures or the Adventures may also refer to:

  • Adventures (band), an American rock band
  • The Adventures, a Northern Irish rock band
  • Adventures (album), a 1984 album by T-Square
  • "Adventures", a song by Kid Cudi from Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven
  • The Adventures, a series of novels in the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons & Dragons

Usage examples of "adventures".

Sometimes we are fused with Cervantes, but more often we are invisible wanderers who accompany the sublime pair in their adventures and debacles.

The Knight and Sancho, as the great work closes, know exactly who they are, not so much by their adventures as through their marvelous conversations, be they quarrels or exchanges of insights.

I shall tell thee the boon that I would ask of thee and thy generosity has granted me, and it is that on the morrow thou wilt dub me a knight, and that this night in the chapel of thy castle I shall keep vigil over my armor, and on the morrow, as I have said, what I fervently desire will be accomplished so that I can, as I needs must do, travel the four corners of the earth in search of adventures on behalf of those in need, this being the office of chivalry and of knights errant, for I am one of them and my desire is disposed to such deeds.

Don Quixote found himself a knight, ready to sally forth in search of adventures, and he saddled Rocinante and mounted him, and, embracing his host, he said such strange things to him as he thanked him for the boon of having dubbed him a knight that it is not possible to adequately recount them.

Senor Archbishop Turpin, it is a great discredit to those of us called the Twelve Peers to do nothing more and allow the courtier knights victory in this tourney, when we, the knights who seek adventures, have won glory on the three previous days.

And as he rode along in that manner, taking frequent drinks, he did not think about any promises his master had made to him, and he did not consider it work but sheer pleasure to go around seeking adventures, no matter how dangerous they might be.

I am called Don Quixote of La Mancha, knight errant in search of adventures, and captive of the beauteous and peerless Dona Dulcinea of Toboso, and as recompense for the boon thou hast received from me, I desire only that thou turnest toward Toboso, and on my behalf appearest before this lady and sayest unto her what deeds I have done to gain thy liberty.

Sancho, that this adventure and those like it are adventures not of insulas but of crossroads, in which nothing is won but a broken head or a missing ear.

Have patience, for adventures will present themselves in which you can become not only a governor, but perhaps even more.

And therefore I wander these solitary and desolate places in search of adventures, determined to bring my arm and my person to the most dangerous that fortune may offer, in defense of the weak and helpless.

Quixote, however, who, as we have said, felt cured and healthy, wanted to leave immediately to seek adventures, it being his opinion that the time he spent in that place meant he was depriving the world, and all those in it who were in need, of his help and assistance, especially now when he had so much trust and confidence in the balm.

I cannot contravene the order of knights errant, about whom I know it is true, not having read anything to the contrary, that they never paid for their lodging or anything else in any inn where they stayed, because whatever welcome they receive is owed to them as their right and privi-lege in return for the unbearable hardships they suffer as they seek adventures by night and by day, in winter and in summer, on foot and on horseback, suffering thirst and hunger, heat and cold, and exposed to all the inclemencies of heaven and all the discomforts on earth.

Don Quixote entered those mountains his heart filled with joy, for it was a landscape that seemed suited to the adventures he was seeking.

O thou, my squire, amiable companion of my favorable and adverse adventures, take note and fix in thy mind what thou wilt see me do here, so that thou mayest recount and relate it to the sole cause of all my actions!

He also related almost all the adventures that Sancho had recounted, which both astonished them and made them laugh, for they thought what everyone thought: it was the strangest kind of madness that had ever afflicted an irrational mind.