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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"very," 1815, from French très, from Old French tres "right, precisely, completely, very," from Latin trans "beyond" (see trans-), later "very" (compare Old Italian trafreddo "very cold").

Tres (instrument)

The tres ( Spanish for three) is a guitar-like three- course chordophone of Cuban origin. The most widespread variety of the instrument is the original Cuban tres with six strings. Its sound has become a defining characteristic of the Cuban son and it is commonly played in a variety of Afro-Cuban genres. In the 1930s the instrument was adapted into the Puerto Rican tres, which has nine strings and a body similar to that of the cuatro.

Tres (Fiel a la Vega album)

Tres is the third studio album released by the rock en español band Fiel a la Vega. It was released in 1999 by EMI Latin and is the first album by the band released on an international label.

The album was made in a hurry after the band spent a little too much time on the beach, where Tito Auger was inspired to write the song "Canción En La Arena".

Tres (song)

"Tres" (Eng.: Three) is the title of a pop song written and performed by Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes. This song was released as the third single from his fourth studio album La vida... es un ratico.

Tres (poetry collection)

Tres is a collection of poems by the Chilean author Roberto Bolaño, originally published in Spanish in 2000 and scheduled to be published in a bilingual edition in September 2011, translated into English by Laura Healy. The collection is composed of three sections:

  • “Prose from Autumn in Gerona” - a series of prose poems.
  • “The Neochileans” - a travel narrative in verse concerned with a young band on tour in the far reaches of Chile.
  • “A Stroll Through Literature” - a series of short poems.

A selection of 16 poems from the book was published in BOMB Magazine in March 2011. <!--

Usage examples of "tres".

Savine, qui de tres bonne foi croyait etre le seul digne de representer avec eclat son pays a Paris, avait ete exaspere par ce bruit.

Mais quelque chose de tres simple et de tout a fait primitif agirait-il sur le duc de Naurouse?

Depuis son enfance il a ete constamment malade et, en ces dernieres annees, tres gravement.

Mais, avant que le domestique fut sorti, la porte du salon se rouvrit et la jeune dame qui paraissait tres jolie sous son voile entra.

Sierra Tres went to make some calls from one of the other rooms down the corridor, and the rest of us went back to the mapping construct.

When Tres came back, she had more than enough on Segesvar to confirm her original impression.

In defiance of any misgivings either Tres or I might have, there was a deep calm soaking into the evening, as soft and cool as the sand underfoot.

Soul Brasil and I raised our hands, Sierra Tres stood pointedly to one side.

Uninvited guests trying to crash this particular party were going to meet Sierra Tres or Jack Soul Brasil and the business end of a Kalashnikov shard gun at the base of the companionway.

Stealth scuba suits, Anderson-rigged, courtesy of Sierra Tres and her haiduci friends, weaponry from the hundred personal arsenals on Vchira Beach.

She grinned unrepentantly and glanced across to where Sierra Tres was propped against the cockpit side panel.

I reached a set of holds and ledges whose markers the mask display labelled with a restpoint symbol, I looked down to see how Brasil and Tres were doing, and ruined it all.

I waited there while Sierra Tres and then Brasil emerged from below and joined me.

The big surfer had a heavy antique frag rifle cradled in his arms, Tres hefted her blaster left-handed to make room for the Kalashnikov solid-load in her right.

Peripheral vision told me Brasil had done the same with the frag rifle, and that Sierra Tres had her arms at her sides.