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abhava abueva activa aedava agavva aktiva alcova aljava alpova altava alteva altova ameiva amieva ancova andiva ankova aptiva apurva arjava arnova arouva arqiva arriva artova ashava asnova asrava ausava baniva bantva baruva basava batova batuva bedeva bekova belava berava bhadva bhojva bialva bicava bobova bogava bohova boldva bonava boniva borova bozova bozsva bratva brieva bruvva bukova bulava bulova buzava bykova cagiva cakova camiva caneva canova casava cativa cerova charva chavva chelva chukva cotova craiva crnova cucova cuerva danava danova darova deseva dezeva dhruva dikava dobova dolova doriva drjava drnava dubova durava eliava elsava eshuva eslava estiva evolva evviva ezhava faiava foreva gareva garuva geneva genova girova givova glayva gocova godiva gokova gorava gortva grlava guayva ha'ava hacava haleva haliva hinava hinova hirova horava hubova huelva huerva hurova huzova iarova iecava innova iosava italva ittiva jakova jalova janova jarava jasova jativa jenova jezava jidava jilava jivova jogeva jonava josava joseva kahkva kakava kalava kaleva kanava kaneva kaniva karava kariva kasava kaseva keelva kekava kekova kenova kerava kesava kherva kicava kitava kletva kodava koguva koliva kolova kolsva korova kosava kosova kozhva kozova krbava krcava kriiva krtova krzava kukava kunova kushva kusova laheva lakhva lalova lastva latava ledava leetva lehava liikva lipova lisova litava lohkva longva lozova lucova lukova machva mahova mahuva maiava maleva malova manava mandva maneva mareva meelva menrva meriva metava milava miliva minova mirova mituva mitzva mlakva mlecva moelva mojiva moneva moorva morava mordva moskva myjava nanava nareva nasova nativa nebova neduva negova niniva nonova norava odhava odrava okauva oktava olcsva olseva omniva ondava onuava oriava orsava oskava oskova oslava osnova ostava ostrva ottava padova palava parava peruva pinova pishva podova poikva polva popova posiva prorva protva punkva raceva racova radava raguva rahova raikva rakova ranova rapava rasiva rasova recuva rediva rekava renova resava retova revava rimava rogova rojava rolava romuva roskva rotava rucava rudava rugova rusava ruzova saatva sadova salava saleva saliva sarava sasova satava sativa sattva sazava scarva selova senova shaiva shalva shamva sheeva shenva shikva shirva silova siluva sinava skrova so-ava soliva somova sonova spacva strava streva studva sucova suduva suhova sujiva suleva sumava sunava suniva suorva surava sydiva szinva taheva talava tanava taniva tathva tattva tayuva tekava tepava tesova tibava tigava tilava tisova titova tongva torva trcova trnava trnova turova tusova tutova uknova ullava ungava unnova uoleva uprava uscova uslava utsava vaduva vageva vasava vatava vidova vipava vishva vlkava vlkova vltava vodava votava vugava vyrava wanova xativa yadava yakova yalova yaneva yanova yerava zagyva zakava zasova zidava zikava zrnova zulova zyzzva

Word usage examples

In a flutelike voice, he sang of the sacred writings, or Vedas, composed well before the first millennium bc, and of the catalogue of magical yajnas, sacrificial formulas, mantras, and rituals that the Vedic religion embodied, and of the many schools, sects, and religions that had developed through the centuries: Sankhya, Yoga, Vedanta, vaishnavas, Shaivas, Shak-tas, all of which were preached and practised under the separate canopies of Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, which in turn took their impetus from the original Vedic, changing and refining the basic precepts into a multiplicity of separate doctrines : Karma, avatar, samsara, dharma, trimurti, bhakti, maya.

If the committee please, the hempseed, or the seed of the cannabis sativa l.

Admiral of the Starry Heavens Sativa Orange, Chief of Naval Operations for We're Here!

Admiral of the Starry Heavens Sativa Orange shrieked when he saw the change in the track he was following in the radar globe.

North Africa were so resistant to snake bites and scorpion stings that their saliva was considered a highly effective antivenin, and they were drafted for every campaign the Romans ever conducted on the African continent.

Teeth, 100 Bones, 130 Cartilage, 550 Muscles, 750 Ligaments, 768 Brain, 789 Blood, 795 Synovial fluid, 805 Bile, 880 Milk, 887 Pancreatic juice, 900 Urine, 936 Lymph, 960 Gastric juice, 975 Perspiration, 986 Saliva, 995 THE NATURAL DRINK OF MAN.

Bubbles of Persil saliva were frothing from his lips and his eyes were rolling in his head, unable to focus on anything other than a middle distance he could never have reached.

Seized in ecstatic trance, he wet his fingers with a freshened mix of blood and saliva, then reanointed the copper weight.

Numbers of gametocytes in the blood of carriers, which determines the number of sporozoites in the mosquito saliva to reinfect people.

He spit smoking saliva on the pavement, returned my look slantwise and said nothing.