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Rimava is a river in southern central Slovakia, which flows only in the Rimavská Sobota District. It is the right tributary of the Slaná river.

It is 88 km long, its source is in Veporské vrchy at approximately 1,130 m above sea level. It flows through these towns: Tisovec, Hnúšťa and Rimavská Sobota. It pours to the Slaná river near Vlkyňa at 145 m a.s.l.

Category:Rivers of Slovakia

Rimava (grape)

Rimava is a red Slovak wine grape variety that is a crossing of the Southwest France wine grapes Abouriou and Castets. The variety was created in 1976 at the VSSVVM Research and Breeding Station for Enology and Viticulture in Modra. The grape was named after the Rimava river, a tributary of the Sajó. Along with Nitranka, Hron and Váh, which were created using the same parent varieties, Rimava was officially authorized for commercial wine production in 2011.