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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

adv. (context music English) One octave higher. Marking indicates a passage to be transposed up one octave. Abbreviation: 8va.


Ottava may refer to:

  • Ottava rima, an Italian rhyming stanza.
  • In music, an octave. Particularly in the following musical instructions:
    • All' ottava alta (8va, also ottava sopra), transpose music up one octave
    • All' ottava bassa (8vb, also ottava sotta), transpose music down one octave
    • Coll' ottava, double at the octave

Usage examples of "ottava".

Both these poems are in ottava rima, a metre which, if Boccaccio did not invent it, he was the first to apply to such a purpose.