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Resava ( Serbian Cyrillic: Ресава) refers to several toponyms and related topics, all of them located around the river Resava in central Serbia:

  • Resava (river), a river
  • Resava, a region, surrounding the river
  • Resava, a monastery
  • Resava school, a cultural movement in 14th-15th century started and funded by Stefan Lazarević
  • Resava Coal Mines, (or REMBAS) coal mines in the Resava river valley
  • Resava Cave, a cave and popular tourist attraction
Resava (river)

The Resava ( Serbian Cyrillic: Ресава) is a river in central Serbia, a 65 km-long right tributary to the Velika Morava. It also gives the name to the surrounding Resava region, the Resava monastery, the coal mines in its valley and a popular tourist destination of Resava Cave.