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Xàtiva (, ; ) is a town in eastern Spain, in the province of Valencia, on the right (western) bank of the river Albaida and at the junction of the Valencia– Murcia and Valencia  Albacete railways. During the Al-Andalus Islamic era, Arabs brought the technology to manufacture paper to Xàtiva. In the 12th century, Xàtiva was known for its schools, education, and learning circles. Islamic scholar Abu Ishaq al-Shatibi's last name refers to Xàtiva where he lived and died.

Xàtiva (Metrovalencia)

Xàtiva is a metro station of the Metrovalencia network in Valencia, Spain. It is situated on Carrer de Xàtiva, in the southern part of the city centre. It is an interchange station with access to the main railway station. The station is an underground structure.

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