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n. 1 (context Geordie pejorative English) unruly youth; disobedient child or teenager. 2 (context Geordie pejorative English) unemployed youth with poor taste and dress sense.

Usage examples of "charva".

He had heard much of the legendary Charva, but until today he had never seen it.

To the south side of the city, the mouth of the Charva River spread nearly half a league wide as it joined the sea.

My companions and I ferried their bodies across the Charva to the southern bank.

What hypocrites, Dain thought angrily, to forbid the upland Mandrians to utilize proper magical safeguards against Nonkind raids, while the churchmen did as they pleased here safely south of the Charva River.

Later, on the banks of the Charva, it had been the magic forces in Tanengard that saved the prince.

The mortals who worshipped them became the first Nonkind, and all were driven far across the Charva into a desolate place that we now know as Gant.

It would explain how they were able to bypass the Charva, which was supposed to keep them in Gant.

Therefore, she had to ride across the desolate plains and deserts of Gant until she reached the Charva River.

Dain had no idea of how far it was to the Charva, which bordered this land, how many leagues they needed to ride, how many days they had to travel.

Although reaching the Charva was now their only hope, the darsteed fought every step, costing them more precious minutes.

Its pale yellow stone had been quarried from the rocky hills near Lake Charva, and it featured long rows of tall windows.

The blood from this battle had flowed so heavily that it was said to be the origin of the mighty Charva River.

Whether or not that was true, few dwarves living today would consider wetting themselves in the Charva, for many believed dead souls were still trapped in the waters of the river.

Other legends said that Thod had struck the ground with a mighty blow, thus creating a lake from which the Charva flowed as a natural barrier between Nonkind and the warrior dwarves of Nold.